108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream : How to watch the time, TV channel, halftime show, more info

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream
108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream : How to watch the time, TV channel, halftime show, more info,Are you looking for the best way to watch the Grey Cup 2021 live streaming Online? You have come to the right page since we are going to share the best legit ways for you. So, stay tuned.

Grey Cup is the prestigious event of the championship game of the Canadian Football League or CFL. The victorious team playing Canadian football is eligible to get the trophy when winning the competition. The participants of this event are the winners of the CFL’s East and West Divisional playoffs. It is one of Canadian TV’s most significant sporting events.

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

Location Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario
Date December 12, 2021
Time 6:00 p.m. EST
TV Network TSN
Live Stream
Watch Here

When and where is CFL Grey Cup 2021?

The 108th Grey Cup is going to happen to conclude the Canadian Football League – CFL championship for the 2021 season. The game will be available on Canada TV, TSN. The game will occur on Sunday, December 12, 2021, at The Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario.

Grey Cup 2021 Start Time

You need to know, what time does the Grey Cup start? Right! Grey Cup 2021 time is 6 pm ET/3 pm PT. The Game time is 6 p.m. EST. The pre-game intros and activities will usually push the kickoff to 6:30 p.m. you can watch CFL Grey Cup Live Stream broadcast via TSN and RDS, with the five-hour pre-game show starting around 1 p.m.

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

That means the festivity happens hours before the actual time issued by the officials. Make sure you stick to the time to catch up with all the beautiful moments from your favorite team.

What channel is it on? (TV guide)

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream
108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

It is an international-scale event in which is sensible that the premium TV channels would broadcast the live game right from the venue. Here are several TV channels that you can tune in based on where you are situating right now.


The Grey Cup will be available Live on the TSN broadcasts. That also includes the network’s appointed broadcast team. The announcers are Rod Black, Gord Miller, and Chris Cuthbert. The game analysts of the Grey Cup will be Glen Suitor, Matt Dunigan, and Duane Forde. Via

If you happen to be in Canada when the event occurs, then you will not look for anywhere else than the TSN to enjoy the broadcasts of the games. Brian Williams will also join the board since he will bring the fans in-depth feature in interviews with the key newsmakers and sources.

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

Not to mention that you could even get the insight of the Grey Cup from the TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor and TSN Football Expert Farhan Lalji. Consider checking if your TV provider includes the TSN or not. It is your passage to enjoy the prestigious event that will happen soon.

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United States

As mentioned, the Grey Cup is an International event. So, it is natural that the viewers from the US also want to take part in the festivity. The US has owned a multi-year agreement with the CFL.

The channel which holds the right of broadcasting Grey Cup is ESPN, as well as ESPN+. These have the exclusive rights to broadcast all the regular season and postseason CFL games in the US, including Grey Cup.

The 107th Grey Cup will be around the channel as well. Shaw. Production is the sponsor of the cup. The commentator teams will come from TSN, Canada’s Sports Leader.

108th CFL Grey Cup 2021 live stream

ESPN International and its affiliated networks will contribute to the CFL games broadcasts in the international market. There will be around 47 million households viewers and 74 countries who follow the big sports event.

United Kingdom

Viewers in the UK can tune in BT Sport to watch the upcoming Grey Cup 2019 Live Stream right from their screen. If you are living in the UK, you will have the opportunity to attend the prestigious event on TV through BT Sport.

It is available for more than five million homes across the UK and Ireland. Also, if you are living in Ireland, you could also use the channel to follow the Grey Cup.


International live streaming will be a standard option for those who are watching from Australia. The 107th Grey Cup presented by Shaw is available for worldwide coverage in over 100 countries. You could purchase the LIVe and ON-DEMAND packages from your provider. Contact the official of CFL games now to get access.


If you can tune in to ESPN, you are then golden. But if you don’t subscribe to the channel, International Live Streaming will be your best option. You could purchase the regular season package for $79.99. Reach the official site of CFL for further information.

How to watch Grey Cup 2021 Live online?

If you want to watch CFL Grey Cup online, consider taking a look at the options below.

on cable

On Cable, TSN is the official broadcaster of the Grey Cup event. Meanwhile, International users could use ESPN or ESPN for living to stream. Contrary to the old-fashioned way, you can also use the service although you are not a subscriber of the TV package. You need to spend $5 to open the access.

Without Cable

It is safe to assume that folks would take ESPN as the main channel to watch CFL Grey Cup online. Here are the media streaming services options that you could consider if you want to watch CFL Grey Cup online.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been one of the top choices because it offers such high-quality streaming services at an affordable price. You can get the primary channels that broadcast the CFL matches for just $20 per month. Not to mention that you can watch Grey Cup Live Streaming using the Sling TV 7-day free trial.

For extra $5 per month, you will attain the sports package for access to all the ESPN networks. In total, there is only $25 that you need to spend to enjoy the festivity. But if you are not sure yet to subscribe to its service package, you could always use the 7-day free trial allowing you to test it before making the purchase.


Hulu has been the most popular platform to stream the drama online. However, it has been evolving from time to time to provide the best services for the viewers. If you have been using Hulu, sticking to the media streaming service will be a common choice for you.

You could check out its Hulu Live TV beta. Although it is still in beta, you could watch Grey Cup Live Streaming ESPN shows and other favorite sports channels without stuttering or lagging.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been a good choice for those who are up to the YouTube service. The YouTube TV service starts from $40 per month, and that includes all the ESPN channels that you need to keep catching up with the CFL games, including the Grey Cup. You could sign up to YouTube TV using your existing Google account.


If you have the AT&T unlimited wireless, you could consider using the AT&T TV NOW service. AT&T TV NOW is only $20 per month, and you can get ESPN2 by that.

The ESPN News is in the higher tier package. If you are an AT&T user, you could use this service for a lower price. Not to mention that it offers 7-day free trial, in case you need time to try it out.

List of CFL Live Stream Services

Here List of CFL streaming Services (CFL Pass). You need to subscribe to those services, which is suitable you based on you location to watch CFL live stream online.

Way to Watch on Roku, Fire TV, & Apple TV

Every single viewer can stream the game on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV with the ESPN+ and select games on ESPN2 and ESPN News. If you have one of these devices, then you are good to go. ESPN+ is a brand new streaming service that comes from the favorite primary channel ESPN. It will cost you around five bucks a month to enjoy the service. If you only want the biggest games on the EPSON 2 and three games will be available on ESPN News.

The best part of this is that you won’t need any cable TV subscription to access the ESPN with your Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. That includes the ESPN networks. All you need to do is to purchase that affordable service. Of course, you will need a decent internet connection and a compatible device to make it work.

Can i watch Grey Cup 2021 Live stream free?

You get some sites (illegal) that host Grey Cup media content. Via those sites, you can watch Grey Cup live stream free but those sites are full of ads and malware viruses. That will be harmful to your devices. So we do not recommend those free streaming sites.

If you need updates and news, Social Media can be your best solution. Or perhaps, you want to get the live score information; Social media pages are the best place to get them without having to watch Grey Cup from the beginning to the end.

You can Follow The official social media pages, you can also attain valuable information through third-party social media pages. such as reddit.com/r/CFLStreams, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

How to Stream Grey Cup Live from everywhere

Grey Cup 2021 is the 107th championship game that will take place November 25th, in Edmonton, Alberta. The date is fast approaching. In case you are living outside Canada, or you happen to be overseas when the event occurs, you should not worry since there is a solution for you.

By using the VPN service, you can unblock all media streaming services that have a strict geo-restriction policy. Coverage for the Grey Cup, as mentioned, is done by the TSN in the Canada territory. But you can also choose the media streaming services that provide ESPN network if you prefer US IP address.

Some of the best VPN services that you can check are IPVanish, Express VPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost. There are different VPN services that you can try. But we’d like to recommend you check on those top 4 first.

You can either pick the TSN, or ESPN2 to watch Grey Cup Live Stream free. If you are neither in these countries, using the VPN will be the best option for you. As we know, some of the media streaming services out there have such strict policies of geo-restriction services.

The media streaming services list is available in this post (we mentioned those above). It is your freedom to choose which streaming service for you. But if it is the first time for you, we’d suggest you take Sling TV as the option. Sling TV has the most positive feedbacks compared to the other streaming services. Not to mention that you can also sign up for its 7-day free trial.

How can I watch the 2021 Grey Cup Festival Online

The professional reporters will report the Festival of the Grey Cup 2021 and you can follow all the festivals online through the media streaming services that we mentioned above. If you are a TV viewer, you could also tune in to the official channels like TSN (Canada), and ESPN (US & International). Make sure you check the time and the date of the festival from the Official website.

If you are not living in both Canada and the US, you could use the media streaming services. The thing about the media streaming services is that they have a geo-restriction policy. At this point, you will want to use the VPN service to bypass the restriction. With the VPN service, you will be able to connect to the US server or Canada server, depending on what channel you want to tune in.

Where to Watch Grey Cup 2021 Halftime Show Online

CFL announced that The 2021 Grey Cup halftime show will be headlined by Keith Urban. The halftime performer will build the hype and entertain the riot as well as viewers around the world. Watch the Grey Cup 2021 Halftime Show live stream through the options we mentioned above.

The 108th Grey Cup Live Radio Coverage

If you are anticipating this big event while on the go, the most sensible option for you is by listening to the Grey Cup 2021 through the local radios. It will be available on Sirius XM.

The Canada National Radio is Sirius XM. If you prefer French-language Radio, Consider switching to Montreal Alouettes. You can also get the coverage of the radio broadcast through the internet.

Grey Cup Winners/Results

Calgary Stampeders is a 2018 Grey Cup Winner. By far, Toronto Argonauts reign with 17 Grey Cup championships. At the second rank, there is Edmonton Eskimos who have won 14 times, followed by Winnipeg Blue Bombers who have ten championship winnings.

Here is List of winners of the Grey Cup

2018 – Calgary Stampeders
2017 – Toronto Argonauts
2016 – Ottawa REDBLACKS
2015 – Edmonton Eskimos
2014 – Calgary Stampeders
2013 – Saskatchewan Roughriders
2012 – Toronto Argonauts
2011 – BC Lions
2010 – Montreal Alouettes
2009 – Montreal Alouettes
2008 – Calgary Stampeders
2007 – Saskatchewan Roughriders
2006 – BC Lions
2005 – Edmonton Eskimos
2004 – Toronto Argonauts
2003 – Edmonton Eskimos
2002 – Montreal Alouettes
2001 – Calgary Stampeders
2000 – BC Lions

Grey Cup 2018 Winner

Stampeders end Grey Cup misery with win over Redblack. (27-16)

How to get Grey Cup 2021 tickets

Consider purchasing the tickets if you want to attend the venue on November 24. Now the tickets are available online. The prices start at $99. Make sure you purchase the tickets as soon as possible to reserve your seats.

Gray Cup 2021 FAQ

Where is the GREY Cup in 2021?

SHAW will present the 107th Grey Cup on November 24, 2021, at the Brick Field at at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, Alberta.

The starting time will be 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The estimation of the tickets price range from $99 to $325 depending on the seat types. These prices may not include fees and taxes. Consider taking these to your note so that you won’t miss the show.

Why is it called the Grey Cup?

There is a sensible reason why this big event name is Grey Cup. Back then, the Birk Jewellers produced the Grey Cup. At that time, Governor General Earl Grey donated it for the Canadian sports entity and football championship. Since then, the officials use “Grey Cup” as the official name of the trophy and the event to respect him.

Who is Grey Cup halftime?

Grey Cup halftime has been one of the most crucial aspects to watch in the Grey Cup. For this year’s Grey Cup, Alessia Cara will be the headliner of the halftime show. She is the Grammy-winning Canadian artist who will perform on the prestigious Grey Cup Halftime on November 25. The recording artist will give her best for this high-profile gig.

How much are tickets to the Grey Cup?

The tickets prices start as low as $99 to as high as $325. The tickets are now available in the official ticketing box presented by Shaw. You can get the tickets for you and companions at the Ticket Master. For local fans, you could purchase the tickets at the Eskimos Team Store inside the Commonwealth Stadium.

What time is the Grey Cup on TV?

The starting time will be 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The 107th Grey Cup will be one of the most significant sports in the world. Meanwhile, it will stop Canada for a while. The Grey Cup happens to determine the champion for the CFL – Canadian Football League 2021 Season. TSN is the full right broadcaster of the event. So if you have subscribed to it, you are golden.

Who has won the most GREY cups?

Speaking of the favorite teams, that can be a bit tricky. However, indeed some teams have achieved a lot in the Grey Cup history. Toronto Argonauts have the most Grey Cup championship which is 17 times. Meanwhile, the runner-up goes to Edmonton Eskimos who have won 14 times, followed by Winnipeg Blue Bombers who have won 10 times. However, Winnipeg Blue Bombers comes as the winner when it comes to the number of appearances in Grey Cup.

How do you score 1 point in the CFL?

In the CFL – Canadian Football League, it is essential to understand how you score one point. When the players kick the ball into the end zone by any compliant ways, other than a converter successful field goal, and the receiver does not return or kick the ball out of the end zone. At least that is the condition that the player should have to score in the CFL game.

How many downs are there in Canadian football?

In the American football, to advance ball ten yards needs four downs. Meanwhile, Canadian football limit downs are three downs.

Final Words

There you have them, the options to watch Grey Cup Live online through your favorite screen. Make sure to share this article if you think it is useful. Have a nice day!


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