13 wounded in Saturday’s shooting in early Austin, downtown; Police are still searching for the suspect

Editor’s note: Due to the fact that this shooting is a public safety issue, Statesman is making this story free for everyone to read. Statesman is working with journalists to find as much information as possible and will continue to report on this story.

A chaotic scene of 13 people from the top left was shot Saturday in Austin, downtown Austin, taking some of the injured in a police car to the left Austin Police Officer’s Hospital.

Shooters or shooters remain large, and detectives have been quick to look around the scene to identify any suspects in the 400 block of East Sixth Street and view an array of video collected by other cameras. Authorities say the shooter appears to have been fired randomly.

Thirteen people were injured during a shooting that happened in downtown Austin on 6th Street early Saturday morning.

In Austin-Travis County, EMS physicians responded to what they described as a 1:25 tour during the “active attack.” Doctors took four people to the hospital by ambulance, Austin police took six others to the hospital and three were taken by private vehicle, an EMS officer said.

“It was very difficult to capture the scene, it was very difficult, this crowd of EMS, to clear their path,” said Interim Austin Police Chief Joe Chacon. “And because of the nature of the injuries, officers had to go ahead and do some shooting of these victims in their vehicles using their police vehicles and transport them themselves.”

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Police American Statesman said that at the time the crowds in the city’s entertainment district were close to the size of a “pre-worldly” group, potentially meaning tens of thousands of people gathered anchored by Sixth Street in the area.

This weekend at the Texas Republic Motorbike Riders Rally, which is usually happening in Austin with thousands of motorcyclists in the city and recreation districts.

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