2021 film festival: see all the Hollywood stars in France

film festival
film festival

2021 film festival: see all the Hollywood stars in France We are here. “These three general words may have seemed true at previous editions of the Cannes Film Festival. And many air conditioners could easily be mistaken for a sigh.

The shock and excitement were evident. Despite a global pandemic that forced the 2020 edition to be canceled, there were many production delays, society extended segregation restrictions around the world, countless lives were lost, artists faced existential controversies about the future of their work and ruined the survival of the industry. … the ears were here even after so much.

film festival Endeavor Cannes 2021 Bible: every review, interview and news is published during the festival
This year’s festival comes with some serious caveats. As the epidemic continues to spread around the world, major regions such as China and South America have stopped attending due to final quarantine restrictions on both sides. The market has drastically calmed down as most buyers and sellers took care of their (virtual) needs weeks ago.


The festival saw a 35 percent drop in media attendance and its lineup isn’t nearly the same caliber as the Starry Red Carpet offers.

film festival The first big event of the 744th edition, however, felt like an immediate return to normalcy. The festivities began Tuesday with the screening of the essayist documentary Mark Cousin “Story of the Film: The New Generation” (which acknowledges the effects of the epidemic on viewers ‘habits), followed by the world premiere of Lewis’ outdated Adam driver rock. Caracas. opera “Annette”. It will be combined with Otier’s offering in the prestigious competition section for rising stars such as Paul Verhoeven (“Benedetta”), Narb Lapid (“Ahedes’s Knee”) and Julia Ducranou (“Titan”).

At dinner, speculation began about how Jury President Spike Lee might lead an eclectic team of filmmakers and actors in deciding to cast the next Palme d’Or winner. Will they go for a clear “sensational comedy movie” ( as an ear often refers to Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s new play “A Hero”)


film festival or a wild change in another conventional endeavor to be screened? Since some of the competition’s most anticipated initiatives, such as Shawn Baker’s “Red Rocket” and Epichatpong Wereasthakul’s “Memory” are not shown on screen until the second half of the festival, these questions can be delayed.

But first the usual red carpet began before the screening of the show: “Annette”, a pink Louis Vuitton suit with a blindfold, was presented during the opening ceremony during an elegant opening ceremony from the stage of the Le Lumiere ]


Theater with the venerable Jodie Foster (Cannes “taxi driver. Pedro Almod ড var and Bong Jun Ho, winner of the previous Palme d’Or, teamed up with him.” Despite concerns about the future and the production downturn, their union in the Not only did the stage show that the films had recovered so well, they were always there. “Maybe the festival had a break, but the movie never stopped,” Bong told Korean audiences, finishing his last script in January.

film festival Of course, the glamor and optimism darkened the image of a Messi throughout the city, where many celebrities were forced to undergo a saliva test every 48 hours and only showed their negative COVID test to enter the main headquarters of the festival. This includes the presence of


Americans, including the author, since the country’s vaccination card does not have a QR code that can be scanned at the door. Already a test of physical endurance for anyone who commits to the tedious ritual of crowded projection of an ever-forgotten schedule, the ear has added another synthetic twist. It is a festival that requires an ounce of energy per day; Now your saliva is needed

The biogroup shop established adjacent to the palace suffered a few kidnappings, with some struggling to figure out how some could access their test results when the festival started and others just got it.


A few hours after my arrival, when I deposited a few drops of my own sample, someone in a booth next door was forced to perform their test when a hand sanitizer all rubbed off the spray as they turned around. Ear paradox.

This year’s internal test results are only required to access the Palais des Festivals, not the Lumiere or DBC cinemas where most of the official election screens are located. Masks are required for these huge spaces, but they have no negative consequences and function at full capacity.

film festival

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