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Afghan war how it started and how its is ending

Afghan war how it started and how its is ending Kunduz, a city of 1,000,000, was the third capital to fall to the Taliban in three days, and the fall had a devastating impact on the Afghan government. Located in the state of the same name, the city is an important commercial center near the border with Tajikistan.

The Taliban’s summer military operations resulted in a major surrender and withdrawal by Afghan government forces. By the end of July, the group had control of half of the country’s approximately 40,000 districts. Government forces abandoned many outposts and bases, often leaving behind weapons and equipment. In many cases, they surrendered without fighting and were sometimes mediated by village elders sent from the Taliban.

Afghan war how it started and how its is ending The Taliban’s military victory, especially in northern Afghanistan, where anti-military traditions are strongest in history, has set a violent norm for US military missions in America’s longest war.

In mid-April, President Joe Biden announced that the United States had long completed his mission to deny a safe haven for terrorists in Afghanistan, and all U.S. forces would leave the country by September 11. Announced to leave.

The war mission that has frustrated the American casualties, ruthless enemies, and the four presidents, often regarded as the corrupt and misleading partners of the Afghan government, is nearing its end. Biden admitted that after nearly 20 years of war, after the longest war in the United States, it was clear that the US military could not turn Afghanistan into a modern, stable democracy.

In response to criticism of the July withdrawal, the president asked: Are you willing to risk thousands of American daughters and sons?

The United States has left an army of about 5,050 to protect the US Embassy in Kabul. Some are staying at the capital’s international airport, with Turkish troops agreeing to provide security at the airport.

Why did the United States invade Afghanistan?

In the weeks leading up to Al Qaeda’s September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, President George W. Bush announced that US troops had launched attacks on terrorist groups and Tullivan targets in Afghanistan.

“These carefully targeted operations are designed to use Afghanistan as a base for terrorists and attack the Taliban’s military forces,” the president said.

President Bush said the Taliban, which ruled much of Afghanistan at the time, rejected his request for the return of al-Qaeda leaders who were planning an attack from within Afghanistan. He said he wanted to bring al-Qaeda leaders to trial, adding that “and now the Taliban will pay the price.”

Still, the president warned that Operation Enduring Freedom would be “a long campaign against any other operation we saw.”

By December 2001, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and other commanders-in-chief had fled for the security of Pakistan, a nominal US ally. US troops did not chase them, and eventually Pakistan became a safe haven for Taliban commanders and fighters attacking US and Afghan troops across national borders.

Within Afghanistan, US troops rapidly overthrew the Taliban government and crushed its combat forces by the end of 2001.

In December 2001, a Taliban spokesman offered to surrender unconditionally, but the United States refused. Almost 20 years later, the United States is calling on the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire and a political reconciliation with the US-backed Afghan government.

In May 2003, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced the suspension of major domestic military operations.

How has your mission in Afghanistan evolved?

After defeating the Taliban, the United States and NATO focused on rebuilding failed states and establishing Western-style democracy, first during the 1980 Soviet occupation and then during the ongoing civil war.

There was first success. A pro-Western government was established. New schools, hospitals and public facilities have been built. Thousands of deprived girls go to school under the Taliban regime. By the Taliban, women were mainly trapped in their homes, went to college, joined the workforce, and worked in parliament and government. A powerful and independent news media has emerged.

However, corruption has spread, hundreds of millions of dollars have been rebuilt, and investment funds have been stolen or misused. The government has proved unable to meet the basic needs of its citizens. Often, the warrant extends beyond the capital, Kabul, and other major cities.

In 2003, 3,000,000 US troops were stationed in Afghanistan, and the United States began transferring war resources to the Iraq War, which began in March of the same year.

What happened on the battlefield?

The Taliban has rebuilt its combat capabilities despite the steady influx of US and NATO troops.

Afghan war how it started and how its is ending

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