American suspect in assassination of Haitian president was “confidential” DEA source

American suspect

American suspectOne of the Americans arrested in connection with the assassination of the Haitian president was a drug control agency – a U.S. agency whose heat force claimed to be working.

A DEA official confirmed to Reuters that the informant had contacted his handler after the injury, as CNN further claimed that several of the detainees had “information technology in the United States, including the FBI.”

“One of the suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenal Mouss was a confidential source for the DEA,” a DEA official confirmed to Reuters.

American suspect The suspect contacted President Moss after his assassination at the DEA,” the official added in an email he received from the Miami Herald.

“A DEA official stationed in Haiti requested that the suspect surrender to local authorities and share information with his colleague for the Haitian government, which helped in the arrest and detention of the suspect and another person,” the official said.

Joseph Vincent, in the middle

At a police briefing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Thursday, James Solez, a Haitian-American, was among the suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenal Moises. , July 8, 2021. Mice was killed in an attack on her private home on Wednesday morning.
The hit team claimed to have worked on behalf of the DEA, including Joseph Vincent (center), the agent’s confidential source.
“President Moss’s assassins shouted ‘DEA’ during the attack that the DEA is aware of the reports,” the official told the Herald.

“These individuals did not work for the DEA,” the source stressed.

Although the official did not identify who was the whistleblower among the arrested Americans, both the Herald and McClatchy identified him as Joseph Gertand Vincent, a 55-year-old suspect living in West Palm Beach.

According to Miami Magazine, the Haitian American was first arrested more than 20 years ago for submitting false information in a passport application to the United States and became a hired DEA informant, Miami Magazine reported.

Vincent Oliver used the pseudonym and helped crack down on drug traffickers – including the arrest of Haitian rebel leader Guy Philip in 2013, sources told the office.

Sources told the newspaper that Vincent was with the Haitian national police when handing over the Philippines to DIA representatives in Miami. The Herald noted that he was eventually convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to nine years in prison.

American suspect

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