Apple goes after prominent ex-employees for being very good at leaks

Complaints, other prominent leakers are noticed by the strict, but only one has come so far ahead

A Weibo user known for leaking incredibly accurate Apple information has just announced they have been targeted by Apple lawyers.
Kang said the letter from Apple’s lawyers included screenshots of their previous information leaks. They warned them not to continue this practice.
Kang also says Apple is targeting other leakers, though they haven’t said which ones.

When it comes to Apple data leaks, there are some leakers who are better than others. Billy “l0vetodream” and “Kang,” both of whom are run on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, spend most of their time leaking accurate information.

Allegedly, Apple’s legal team has now targeted some of these prominent leakers. Recently, Kang announced that he had received letters from these lawyers to stop leaking posting information. Includes screenshots of the previous data leaks. Kang said what the screenshot was, but this time they may have leaked the entire iPhone 12 lineup correctly or returned to their past MagSafe branding, revealing other accurate information in the leak.

Apple data leak: The company cracked down
Here is an excerpt from Kang’s post, which was translated using machine translation (via 9to5Mac):

Recently Apple sent a law firm commission and some letters between the team. I also got the message from this group. Content You may not be able to disclose because we publish on the Internet, which gives effective information to Apple’s competitors and misleading consumers, because what is published may not be accurate.

Kang makes no mention of other leakers who may have received a similar warning from Apple. In addition, no other Weibo users have come forward saying they have received the letter. In fact, they didn’t get the letter saying l0vetodream came forward. Kang has said that they plan to reduce Apple data leaks in the future.

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Apple Tech Sphere is one of the most secretive companies. In the Android world we usually know almost everything about a device before launch, while Apple’s anti-leak efforts usually leave at least some new surprises on launch day
Fashion iOS updates are provided according to a menu of Apple’s new efforts to leak war information. To give beta testers full iOS 15 experience instead, for example, the company is only allowed certain testers and developers to be able to try certain new features. This company will be able to have tight control over who sees what the general public finds first.

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