Apple reports Q3 earnings on Tuesday

Apple reports Q3 earnings on Tuesday Apple (AAPL) is expected to release Q32021 results after the closing bell on Tuesday, and analysts predict strong iPhone sales performance, but a vaccine-related and 2020-related reversal could lead to lower profits for the iPhone ‘App Store in the near future. Could send instructions for.

Wall Street, compiled by Bloomberg, contrasts with how Apple served Apple here in the same quarter last year.

Turnover: 20 73.8 billion expected vs. 20 59.7 billion in 2020

Earnings per share: expected 20 1.01 vs. $ 2.58 in Q32020

IPhone turnover: expected 34 34.5 billion, against 26 263 billion by 2020

Apple reports Q3 earnings on Tuesday Revenue from services: expected .2 13.2 billion in 2020 against 16.3 billion

Analysts say the iPhone 12 will prove to be an undisputed boon to Apple in the third quarter of 2021, as demand for smartphones behind the inclusion of 5G capability grows. The company’s sales increased impressively at a time when smartphone sales were on the decline, a major seller for 12 Apple.

Buffer Wamsi Mohan estimates that Apple will sell 4 million iPhones, compared to Wall Street estimates, sales will increase 16% year over year.

Dan Ives of Bidbush suggests a similar sentiment in his analyst’s note that guesswork doesn’t match reality.

He wrote: “Street is looking to make 3 billion yen and $ 1.00 billion, both probably seem conservative as long as we have the power of the iPhone included which has allowed us to increase the demand for the China with a particular increase in quarters. ”

“While the shortage of chips during the quarter was of great concern to Apple, we believe the iPhone and service power in the quarter neutralized all of the short-term vulnerabilities Straight expected three months ago.”

Although it won’t be just iPhone sales that will drive the quarter. Mohan says sales of iPads and Macs propelled by the epidemic will also boost Apple.

“In our opinion, sales of hardware for the iPhone, iPad and Mac are booming and the company continues to benefit from the increasing costs of electronics due to the work / home environment. remotely, ”he wrote in a note.

Apple reports Q3 earnings on Tuesday

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