Apple to only seek abuse images


Apple to only seek abuse images has announced three safety devices designed to limit the spread of child sexual abuse content. This includes warning parents if their child sends or receives explicit images.

The technology giant will not only first announce new features in the United States, but will make the technology available worldwide in the near future.

Apple to only seek abuse images The updated messaging app is fine if your child is sending sexually explicit images, blurring the images to reassure them, and don’t want to see them or provide useful resources.

Apple is announcing new tools to curb the spread of child sexual abuse images. Photo: Nicholas Asfuri / AFP Getty Images
The app warns the child that a notification will be sent if a parent using a linked family account wants to see a photo.

According to Apple, the same protection applies if a child attempts to send a sexually explicit image.

Other features include technology that allows you to detect elements of child sexual abuse stored in iCloud photos and report them to law enforcement agencies.

If your child sends or receives clear pictures, please ask a parent or guardian. Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Siri and search updates also allow users to search for useful material on child sexual abuse material.

According to Apple, the new detection tool is designed to protect the privacy of users, and technology giants can’t view or scan your photo albums.

Instead, the system “hashes”. This is a database-based digital fingerprint that securely searches for a match on your device. This is a picture of a child sexual abuse element provided by a child protection agency.

The device will be available in the US and internationally this fall. Photo: Johannes Eisel via Getty Images / AFP
This match only occurs when the user attempts to upload an image to iCloud Photo Library.

The iPhone maker states that it can only manually review the content and send a report to the security agency if it exceeds the harmful content.

These tools will be released later this year as part of 15 planned updates for iOS and iPad OS.

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