Apsana Uk clears of housing fraud charges

Apsana Uk clears of housing fraud charges The Tower Hamlets Council claimed that Apsana, a Labor member of the Poplar and Limehouse in London, withheld information about her situation regarding social status.
.. ... According to The Guardian, he was acquitted of three housing frauds between 2013 and 2016 at Sunaresbrook Crown Court in East London.

Apsana Uk clears of housing fraud charges The council accused Upsana, who was elected by a majority of 28,904 in 2019, at a cost of about £ 64,000, saying she didn’t live in as crowded housing as when she first looked for social housing, she said. Leaving partner Ehtashamul Haque.

However, Mr. Apsana informed Congress of his tax intentions and said that Etashamuru had taken over his “control and coercion” responsibilities during a personally difficult time for her family reasons. ..

He thanked his legal team and “people who showed me solidarity, support and kindness” after his proof.

In his statement, he said the incident was malicious and it hurt me a lot and hurt my reputation.

“The last 18 months of false accusations, online sexists, racists, Islamophobia abuse, and my security threats have helped to survive this serious allegation of domestic violence. It was very complicated.

“We will discuss and consider follow-up methods to prevent this from happening again.

“I now want to continue working to represent my supporters-opposition to the reckless Tory government’s reckless COVID decision (of Prime Minister Boris Johnson). It was avoided.”

His lawyer, Rajchada, added: Prosecutors and investigators need to better understand and consider how victims of coercion and domestic abuse behave and how the criminal justice system treats them.

Apsana Uk clears of housing fraud charges

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