Artist Alice Neel a collector of souls

Artist Alice Neel a collector of souls 19 Al৮’s documentary “Alice Neil: They Are Their Own Gift,” the artist said, “One of the reasons I drew was to slowly warm the life …

“Painting with me was more than a job, it was also an obsession. I had to draw.”

The late artist described himself as a “collector of souls”, and these spirits are now on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Artist Alice Neel a collector of souls The show “Alice Blue: People Come First” was co-synthesized by Kelly Baum.

Correspondent Faith Sally asked, “When people see and see this picture, how do they want to tell them about their experience with Alice Neal? ”

“Well, I hope they’re a little shocked!” Baum laughed.

Co-curator Kelly Baum 19 Fa৮ Alice Blue, painter Faith Sally showed: “Margaret Evans is pregnant.
CBS News
“Neil often painted people and things that weren’t specifically his assumptions as a female artist,” Baum said. “And here, the affection, the honesty, the openness with which she portrayed the pregnant body -”

Artist Alice Neel a collector of souls 

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