As pandemic worsens can the Olympics bubble hold

As pandemic worsens can the Olympics bubble hold Without bubbles, some new cases are coming out every day. The most prominent figures involved in world champion Paul Voltaire Sam Kendricks arrived on Thursday. This knocked him out of the game and, in essence, isolated dozens of other athletes.

After all, the organizers of the Olympics said that these two worlds could be sealed from each other without taking any significant risk to each other. However, as the game progresses, the possibilities of “safe and secure” games are being tested.

As pandemic worsens can the Olympics bubble hold and 3,66565 new proceedings were filed in Tokyo on Thursday.

The day before, Tokyo reported more than 3 million new infections for the first time, warning that the city was running out of beds to treat Kovid-1 patients as well as other emergency patients.

Japan’s Ministry of Health announced 9,577 new infectious diseases nationwide on Wednesday, and public broadcaster NHK said on Thursday that the number could exceed 10,000 for the first time.

The Olympic organizers said the bubble they created to isolate athletes, coaches, officers and staff from the general public remained, arguing that there was no link between the Olympics and the growing numbers.

However, despite the measures, there were signs that Olympic bubble officials had more holes than allowed. And experts suggested that the presence of the convention in Tokyo had the psychological effect of convincing the public that they could relax even after an emergency was declared.

Less than 200 positive cases have been recorded, including 23 in the Olympic Village and 23 in the Olympic Village. More than half of the Olympic-related incidents are among people living in Japan. In addition, 14 police officers working on security at the convention were reported infected.

International Olympic Committee spokesman Marc Adams described the Olympic bubble as “the most tested community in almost every part of the world,” and athletes “really live in parallel worlds,” reporters said. Told to.

“No athlete or Olympic movement has spread the virus to the general public in Tokyo,” he said. According to Adams, both Olympic officials are hospitalized and medical staff in the Olympic Village are treating them with everyone else.

Some infected people say that their treatment is not very enjoyable. Members of the Dutch delegation, including two athletes, are complaining about the strictness of their separation restrictions. They described their rooms as “small boxes” and said they were not allowed to see them in the daytime.

Dr. Richard Budgett, medical director of the Tokyo Olympics, said measures were needed to prevent the spread of the infection.

“The situation is great, but it’s really hard to stay in an isolated hotel,” he said at a press conference Thursday. “Ultimately, under the rules, they have to be separated, so nothing can be found around them.”

However, outside of Shibuya Station, one of the most populous districts in Tokyo, Taika Marago, 25, who represents the small Brazilian online broadcaster of the Olympics, is at night despite working at the Olympic venue. Said I went to the store. every day. Olympic journalists work under strict limits that limit hotels and competition venues to 14 days.

“I was thrilled to have this opportunity,” said Camargo, who said he had completed the 14-day quarantine. “I always wanted to stay and explore Japan.”

Some restaurants are required to close by 6 am and refrain from serving alcohol, but have openly declined the application. A sign-out was announced Thursday night in front of a tavern in Shibuya. Open until midnight. “At other times, the Olympics were hosting sessions.

Fumimi Saka, infection control manager at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, said there were no concrete signs that the virus was “infecting the general public in Tokyo from abroad.”

But “what we watch on TV every day is watching the Olympics, and it’s hard to imagine that we’re in the midst of the biggest transition in Tokyo, so it could have a psychological impact. No, “he added.

The general public is lined up around the Olympic Stadium to take pictures in front of the Olympic statue. And on the way to the weekend cycling race, the spectators were lined up.

A quarter of Japan’s population has been completely vaccinated and the delta type has become established. Currently, more than three-quarters of cases in Tokyo are due to its highly contagious version of the coronavirus.

Vaccination rates are much higher in the elderly, with more than 70% of residents aged 65 and over

As pandemic worsens can the Olympics bubble hold

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