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AstraZeneca shots form monday: DGHS

AstraZeneca shots form monday: DGHS Over 1.52 million people are waiting for a second job

A second dose of the Oxford-Astrageneca covid-1 vaccine at the capital and Dhaka district centers will resume on Monday, said the Director of Health Services (DGHS).

AstraZeneca shots form monday: DGHS  Shamsul Haque said in an online bulletin on Sunday that health care workers at vaccination centers nationwide will begin operations on August 7.

He said more than 1.52 million people are waiting for a second dose of the vaccine.

“Under the Kovax scheme, we have already received more than 1 million doses from Japan. By August 600, we expect to ship another 600,000.

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He said citizens should get a second job from the same hospital or vaccination center where they were first vaccinated.

People who have already received a second SMS but have not received the vaccine can complete the vaccination by displaying the same message.

Shamsul Haque argued that those who received the first dose of the Oxford-Astrageneca vaccine manufactured by SII would receive the same on the second dose.

“People who have been vaccinated with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine as their first job should be vaccinated with the same vaccine as the second vaccination. Both doses will be the same vaccine. The mixture can cause damage. ”

In response to a reporter’s question, Professor Nazmul Islam, a spokesman for the Director of Health (DGHS), said ignoring health protection rules could increase the risk of infection.

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“The way workers from various factories return to Dhaka has great potential for rapid transmission, and healthy people can also be infected in such situations,” he added.

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On Saturday, Bangladesh received a second shipment of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Japan under the CoVAX facility.

The second shipment included 781,320 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine.

A third consignment of 16,16,70 doses of the vaccine will arrive in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The government started mass vaccination with the Covishield (AstraZeneca) vaccine in February last year.

However, 1,521,000 people did not receive a second dose after the jabs purchased from India were out of stock.

So far, about 5.8 million people have been vaccinated for the first time and 4.2 million have been vaccinated for the second time.

AstraZeneca shots form monday: DGHS

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