At 93 Marilyn May can no longer stop

Marilyn May
Marilyn May

Marilyn May  When I first came back in 2018 with musician Marilyn Meyer, she was incredibly in the top 90.

There seemed to be nothing to stop him B but then a cavid happened… well, he didn’t know anything that could stop it.

“I’m happy to go out and sing, am I not?” He told reporter Mo Roka. “I lost a very precious year for me. I missed my 92nd birthday. But who matters! ”

Marilyn May  Raka was there to celebrate Mee in April at the age of 93 – what else? – In a sold-out show at Fool’s Raton Week Theater.

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The 93-year-old jazz singer wasn’t looking to prevent him from being placed on the planet singing the Great American Songs book by a disgusting epidemic.

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But as her longtime partner Billy Streich has proven, the girl’s age doesn’t matter.

Cabaret headliner Streich met his daughter about 40 years ago when she was 17. “She has always been like my aunt in one way or another,” he said. “There are times when I look at his profile and I have an extraoral moment like this, Jesus, see what he is doing!”


Sing now what he has been doing for almost 70 years … Vinyl, a variety of shows and commercials for Lincoln-Mercury cars are still popular.

Marilyn May will appear in “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”.


Marilyn May-stars was the day I was alive I screamed for you 70’s TV already
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But the girl’s house was still on the road. And 2020 was turning into a big year.

“I was booked more than usual,” he said. They thought grandma was going to step in soon, so should we hire her, right? ”

However, KaviID was canceled as it took on a larger dimension.

“It was pretty dramatic for me and traumatic for me,” May said.

Traumatic? “Yes. That’s what I do. It’s one of mine to sing a whole book of American songs that is entertaining, entertaining and awesome. That’s what I put on this planet. I don’t know cook. I’m just singing! ”

And Mee wasn’t trying to stop it with a bad outbreak. So he sang in his hometown of Kansas City, down the aisle … wherever he could.

Marilyn May

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