Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live How to watch Free Stream and match result

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live  How to watch Free Stream and match result Wawrzyniak made a great entry into the organization. In May, at Babylon, MMA 22 was knocked out by Adrian Błeszyński in the second round. Thus, he returned to the winning path after two consecutive losers. This Friday, the competitor from Poznań will face a difficult challenge. His opponent will be Tymoteusz Łopaczyk. “Honey Badger” will debut in Babylon MMA. He already has performances, incl. in the organization’s FEN and Army Fight Night.

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live  The co-main event of the gala promises to be interesting. Filip Stawowy (8-2, 7 KO) will face Marcin Sianos (5-6, 5 KO) in the heavyweight category. In addition, the next MMA duel will be played by Sylwester Kołecki (3-0, 2 KO, 1 SUB). The younger brother of Szymon Kołecki will fight the former handball player Damian Kostrzewa (1-1, 1 KO).

In total, the fights of the upcoming event include eight fights – six professional and two on a semi-pro basis.

3 x 5 min: Piotr Wawrzyniak (8-5, 5 KO) – Tymoteusz Łopaczyk (8-2, 4 KO, 3 SUB)

3 x 5 min: Filip Stawowy (8-2, 7 KO) – Marcin Sianos (5-6, 5 KO)

3 x 5 min: Sylwester Kołecki (3-0, 2 KO, 1 SUB) – Damian Kostrzewa (1-1, 1 KO)

3 x 5 min: Bartłomiej Gładkowicz (7-1, 2 KO, 3 SUB) – Filip Tomczak (7-3-1 NC, 2 KO, 5 SUB)

3 x 5 min: Marcin Skrzek (6-2, 4 KO, 1 SUB) – Filip Lamparski (4-2, 3 KO)

3 x 5 min: Konrad Rusiński (3-0, 1 KO, 2 SUB) – Rafał Błachuta (10-8, 9 SUB)

Semi-pro 3 x 3 min: Bartosz Stawinoga – Marcin Frycz

Semi-pro 3 x 3 min: Joanna Walorska – Klara Piętak

The fight with Sylwester Kołecki will be his third exit to the octagon. So far, he has won once, beating Piotr Czapiewski, who, however, had little to do with martial arts before. When it came to a duel with the more experienced Paweł Trybała, he had to recognize his superiority.

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live

#Babilon MMA 26 live

#Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live  – I got the offer to fight Trybała about a month and a half before the gala. It was an open-TV gala so it was a great opportunity to show up. I don’t like to explain myself, but I think that someone in my position who has had a rib crack in the three weeks before the fight, would not have taken the fight at all. Since I had already signed the contract, I decided that I would not play a trick with the federation and started this fight, even though I was not completely healthy. The biggest duel was with myself, not with the opponent – says Kostrzewa.

The former player of Wybrzeże Gdańsk ensures that this is only the beginning and only now will he present his skills.

– I joined the sports federation because I believe that I am an athlete, even though I have only been in MMA for three years. This is my story and adventure and I will prove that this defeat was just the momentum to get even harder into the cage.


Kostrzewa’s last fight and Friday’s fight are almost two years away. During this time, the former handball player devoted himself to training.

– I started this path three years ago. The pandemic stopped my career a bit. I was ready to fight three months after this loss, but the contractual situation was what it was and I couldn’t overcome it. I was training all the time, going to good clubs and I realized that the opponents are also only people who have two arms and two legs, and what I miss is experience. But I do not lack speed and strength. However, one needs to know when to use this force or to oppose it. I will definitely be there for the rest of my sports career in MMA – he assured.

Kostrzewa’s next duel may turn out to be the most difficult test in his MMA career. His rival is the brother of weightlifter Szymon Kołecki, winner of the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live  – I will fight the next fight with Sylwester Kołecki, brother of Szymon Kołecki. My closest opponent has had three professional fights, all of which he won. I have my career plans and I will prove that I have worked hard during these two years, and MMA is a sport that I belong to, I only needed time – said, Kostrzewa.


Damian Kostrzewa is no longer an active handball player and for almost two years he has not participated in the octagon. He talked about what he did and what he made of life during this period.

Before the last knee surgery, I did a personal trainer course when I was not sure that I would return to the dance floor. Later, when I started working with the Wrzostek Top Team association, I did a boxing instructor course and at the moment I work with children. We conduct boxing classes with them and I also conduct personal boxing training. I did not expect to work with children in the past, and it turned out that I was doing quite well. We also have classes for children with autism and Asperger syndrome, so the spectrum of classes is very large – he explained.

The duel of Damian Kostrzewa with Sylwester Kołecki will take place on Friday, November 12, at the Babylon MMA 26 gala. The event will take place in Ożarów Mazowiecki, and watch the clash of a former handball player

Babilon MMA 26 Wawrzyniak vs Łopaczyk Live


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