Bezos’ rocket company loses challenge to musk’s SpaceX

Bezos’ rocket company loses challenge to musk’s SpaceX, the federal government rejected billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin request to participate in NASA’s plan to send astronauts to the moon using SpaceX from billionaire Elon Musk. ..

In April, NASA awarded a £ 2.9 billion contract for a lunar spacecraft to the more established SpaceX, which was offered at a lower price than its Lidos affiliate, Blue Origin and Dynamics Inc.

Bezos’ rocket company loses challenge to musk’s SpaceX The two losing companies filed with the Government Accountability Office because they needed multiple contracts and the proposal was not properly evaluated, but authorities rejected their request.

NASA said in a statement on Friday that the decision would “allow NASA and SpaceX to schedule the first crew’s moon landing for more than 50 years,” saying that the moon landing is a priority for the Biden administration. Added.

In Friday’s ruling, NASA initially stated that it would make multiple transactions, but it was not well funded and had only one valid contract. Also, according to a statement by GAO lawyer Kenneth Patton, NASA’s assessment of the three bids was “reasonable and consistent with applicable procurement law regulations and declarations.”

SpaceX gave the highest bid rating when other bids were “significantly higher than the price” and determined that the space agency could not enter into multiple contracts as planned.

Blue Origin, which is pushing Congress for a second lander contract, hopes NASA will change its mind and bring about “simultaneous competition,” said Linda Mills, a spokeswoman for the company.

“We strongly believe that NASA’s decision had fundamental problems, but GAO couldn’t resolve them due to its limited jurisdiction,” Mills said in a statement. “Because we believe this is the right solution, we continue to advocate on behalf of the two direct providers.”

The lunar module is part of the Trump administration’s relocation to the Moon’s cross-global search program. The Artemis program includes a new giant rocket that sends four astronauts into the lunar orbit of the Orion space capsule. The lander takes the two astronauts to the surface of the moon, where they explore for about a week, return to lunar orbit with Orion, and return to Earth.

Bezos’ rocket company loses challenge to musk’s SpaceX

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