Biden officials cling to to hope for Afghan peace

Biden officials cling to to hope for Afghan peace They say the peace process can succeed, at least in their official statement, even if the U.S. military withdraws from the country, and critics say the talks should be declared characterless and abandoned.

But now, even the most enthusiastic U.S. officials are increasingly publicly acknowledging what they have said privately before. The outlook for the outcome of the talks, which could have partially saved a 20-year U.S. project in Afghanistan, seems to be fading fast.

Biden officials cling to to hope for Afghan peacePresident Joe Biden’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, has provided a conservative assessment of the country’s “difficult situation” and the large gap between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators.

“They’re too far away,” Khalilzad said as they appeared at the annual Aspen Security Forum on Tuesday. “Personally, the US authorities are even more pessimistic.”

The State Department said in a statement Thursday that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s second-in-command, to “discuss how to accelerate peace talks and achieve a political solution.”

The Biden administration’s latest statement of support for a meeting known as the “Dialogue between Afghanistan” that began last September as part of a deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban paved the way for the withdrawal of US troops. . .. Meetings between Taliban leaders and senior Afghan government officials continue sporadically in Doha, Qatar, including a meeting in mid-July.

What would the prospects for a peace deal indicate in this allegation that Biden officials have abandoned US-Afghan allies against the Taliban’s victory and the withdrawal of troops from the country and the harsh oc-dictatorship rule.

But Biden officials have been fighting in recent weeks to dispel fears that the group has used peaceful negotiations to save time and politically cover the U.S. withdrawal.

“The Taliban must stop this ongoing violence. Foreign Office spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Wednesday that the Taliban could follow suit in the absence of a power-sharing agreement. He said he has a unique interest in avoiding high-profile civil wars.”

However, Price acknowledged that the group’s escalating violence, including the recent bombing of Kabul outside the Afghan deputy defense minister’s home, had shaken confidence in such speculation.

“Taliban leaders continue to say they support a negotiated solution through conflict,” Price said.

Even when they are attacking villages and towns across the country, Taliban leaders question whether Afghan security forces can protect major cities, including the capital, Kabul, and Taliban leaders say they have a peace deal. .

Last month, Taliban leader Maulvi Hibatullah Akhenzada said that despite his military interests and progress, his army was “enthusiastic about a political solution for the Islamic Emirate”. When the Taliban were in power, they called their government the Islamic Emirate.

The statement was issued after a meeting with Afghan government officials, including Taliban representative Abdullah, for a series of talks in Doha. U.S. officials said Khalilzad later tried to tone optimism, but the meeting had not yet taken place.

“There are times when we are more unified than dividing the team,” he wrote on Twitter.

But at the end of that discussion, when the rocket landed near the presidential palace in Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani smoked the Taliban “there is no will or desire to make peace.”

And this week, in a speech to his country’s parliament, Crab, who was forced to the negotiating table by the United States, complained about the “imported, early” peace process. He added that the Taliban do not believe in lasting or mere peace.

The Taliban will speak at a meeting between the Afghan government and Taliban militants in Doha, Qatar, on September 12, 2020. The Reuters Taliban spokesman will speak at a meeting between the Afghan government and Taliban militants in Doha, Qatar, on September 12, 2020. .. a promise was a request to the Taliban to resign as part of the transition to a new government. Crab claims he is the legally elected leader of the country.
But the group’s demands are broader. In a report on the Afghan peace process earlier this year, Afghan officials, a non-profit international crisis group, said, “In the current situation, political solutions have abandoned the constitutional mandate of the past two decades and the Taliban. I am largely concerned about recovery.”

Khalilzad said on Tuesday that the Taliban were claiming a “lion’s share” of power in the new government and were using military interests as leverage.

“Depending on what they are doing they are trying to influence each other’s calculus and terminology.

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