Biles returns to claim balance beam bronze

Biles returns to claim balance beam bronze Simon Byles returned to the competition angry on Tuesday, August 3, winning a bronze medal in the balance beam and winning the roaring Tokyo Olympics.

The final gold of the women’s gymnastics program went to Kanman of China with a score of 14.633, and the silver went to her compatriot Kara Akane, but Byles caught the spotlight for her courageous return.

“After my experience, I was proud to be there,” said Byles, who arrived in Tokyo five years ago with four gold and bronze medals already in Rio.

Biles returns to claim balance beam bronze It’s not sweet in doubt. After I feel everything, I value it a lot more.”

Bime won the three-time world champion Biles bronze medal, but dramatically after the Tokyo Olympics, where he was abruptly dropped from the team tournament after just one vault last Tuesday due to mental health problems.

The 2-year-old came to Tokyo with the goal of winning six gold medals. This made her the most successful female Olympic athlete in history in every sport, but instead she fell into a crisis of confidence and moved away from everything. -Gold, vault, asymmetrical bar, floor exercise final.

Byles, who won four gold medals at the 2010 Rio Olympics, later explained that gymnasts were dealing with “twisty”, a kind of mental block that was confusing during the gravity-resisting sequence.

Didn’t show long-suffering and stress because the comfortable Biles kissed the TV camera while on the field for the final shot of the medal.

After a quick hug and a deep breath from his coach, it returns to work when Byles enters the beam with a defined look.

Billions of viewers were pinned to the bile when the inch-wide device was installed, so he began to show many sophisticated skills in the crunched position in triple spins so that it didn’t vibrate.

But as he prepared to disembark, everyone held his breath for the Americans to land safely.

Before arriving in Tokyo, Biles spent a few hours completing a double twist, a double back discount from Beam – and of course he didn’t try the combination on Tuesday.

What he did was a double drop-off at Somersault. When he landed safely, he heard roars in the arena, Tokyo, and probably anywhere else in the world.

After she hugs her coach and makes a fun jig, as soon as the routine is over she jumps into a big smile and grabs her heart.

His performance was clearly not the expected natural perfection of the best gymnast of all time, but he was not afraid to do it.

The 14,000 Byles mark, the third of eight athletes, didn’t seem to be enough to stand on the podium, but in the end, the only person to jump on the Americans competed last. Will – Guan.

When the final score came out, Byles first celebrated by embracing his teammate Snissari, who won the all-round crown early in the tournament.

The Tokyo Olympics had a second bronze medal, along with a silver medal shared in the team event.

Biles returns to claim balance beam bronze

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