Blue original auction seats and first space flight with Jeff Bezos for 26 million

Jeff Bezos’ space venture Blue Origin auctioned a seat on its upcoming first crewed space on Saturday for 28 million.

Winner Nikam Dake, whose name has not been released, will fly from the edge of space with his brother mark on Amazon founder and blue Adi new Shepard rocket scheduled to launch on July 20. The company said it will announce the winner at next week’s auction.

Bargaining opened at 4. 4.8 million but exceeded 20 20 million in the first few minutes of the auction. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Neil Adi’s nonprofit club Education Focused Future, to support kids interested in future STEM careers.

Colonel Blue’s original director at the astronaut and orbital sales Ariane said during the auction webcast that the New Shepard first passenger flight Bezos will carry four people, including his brother, the winner of the auction and a fourth person will be announced later.

New Shepard, a rocket carrying a capsule to an altitude of 340,000 feet that, without more than a dozen successful test flights without passengers, flew into the Texas desert, including the company’s facilities in April. It is designed to carry up to six people and flies automatically – without a pilot. The capsule has massive windows to give the passenger a view of the earth three minutes down while entering zero gravity before returning to Earth.

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