New BMW M4 Sounds Angry During Top Speed Autobahn Blast

BMW M4 Sounds Angry During Top Speed Autobahn Blast AutoTopNL’s YouTube channel is in possession of a new BMW M4 Competition, and its sections’ ability to sell the car for free for discovery has been cut. It’s a striking shade similar to a bright Sao Paulo yellow.

The M4 competition produces 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) and 479 pound-feet (650 Newton-meters) of carbon from a six-cylinder engine in a twin-turbo 3.0-liter line. BMW claims that sprinting to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) takes 3.8 seconds and with an extremely electronically limited speed of 180 miles per hour (290 kilometers) with the optional M Driver pack. Otherwise, the maximum speed is 250 km / h.

Gallery: 2021 BMW M4
2021 BMW M4 Exterior
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BMW Competition is only available with an automatic at other speeds. At launch, the model comes exclusively with tracking. The integrated look starts late with a rear bias system similar to that of the last M5.

BMW In this video, the author embarks on the M4 competition and quickly reaches the speed that will take him on a trip to prison in the United States. In a first explosion, the car reached 274 km / h, slightly increased, marrying communicating with the di sopra 100 mph (161 km / h).

After a video cut, the M4 quickly hits 100 mph again and stays at speed so it ramps up for the rest of the video. Okay, the tachometer was reading 183 mph (295 km / h). Technically, it’s limited to 180 mph. However, the instrument GPS displays 290 km / h (180 mph).

The M4 contest will start at $ 74,700 (for or $ 995 in fees) or $ 78,800 with full traceability. The standard version of the coupe costs $ 71,800. Preferred size Quattro, M3 costs $ 69,900, $ 72,800 for competition and $ 76,900 for competition xDrive

BMW Hyundai is on the hunt for the next big news, as almost enthusiastic tech initiatives for startups to invest in. You will research based on what color you want applicants to include in green tech, in-car UX, AI analytics, drone, and hardware, to name a few.

BMW The new Lotus Emira with AMG A35 and Toyota V6 engine is added by the brand all combustion cars


Sounds like Emirah if the Lotus song works for the internal combustion engine, which always goes out of its way to make sure it has a well-earned salute. Sold in 2022, it costs just £ 60,000 ($ 84,500), with a turbo Mercedes-Benz 2.0 engine and a 3.5-liter V6 from Toyota.

2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe debuts with elegant and refined styling at 382 hp


After countless leaks, the new BMW 2 Series Coupé was finally unveiled first during the debut of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In the US, the 230i features a 2.0-liter turbo developing 255 hp (190 kW / 259 hp), while the M240i xDrive features a 382 hp 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine. (285 kW / 387 hp).

Dodge sold 5 times more Camaro Challenger di Chevy in the second quarter of 2021!

The Dodge Challenger was sold for the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro in the second quarter of 2021. 15,052 Challenger was sold in neglected condition, created the 14,676 Mustang and 2,792 the Camaro.

Here is the interior of the next Ineos Grenadier SUV

BMW presented the new, faster and more powerful BMW 2 Series, with a second store and a targeted increase in performance, attracting an athletic design, a sophisticated fabric that is shared with the BMW 4 Series Coupé, a lightweight design that balances it, a balanced distribution, distributed the project. 50 and a rear polarized xDrive system for the top of the range M240i xDrive.

BMW The flagship is powered by a 3.0 l six-cylinder engine with 285 kW and 500 Nm. But there will also be a four-cylinder petrol and diesel model in rear-wheel drive format. The BMW 220d Diesel Coupé emits 140 kW / 400 Nm with a light hybrid system at 48 V, while the gasoline 220i has 130 kW and 300 Nm. It is a BMW 230i Coupé which offers 180 kW, no longer will be sold only in 2022.

All engines are combined with an eight-speed Steptronic one-shift series. The M240i has the launch control and paddle wheel as standard, so these with these features are optional for the rest.

Additionally, the top-of-the-line model of the M Sport is now 28mm long at the base and has a long suspicion of the M Sport, but the M Sport is another M Sport that will later migrate to full traction. I will suspect that the adaptation of the M with electronically controlled shocks is operational for the top-of-the-line model, as are the M, 17, 18 and 19-inch M beggars. The new Series 2 is 105mm longer and 64mm longer than its predecessor, with an extended pitch of 51mm.


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