Boris Becker Hopes Players Do Not Turn Into Emotionless

Former world number one Boris Becker hopes players will not turn into emotionless “computers and machines” following ATP’s warning that there will be severe punishment for misconduct in court in the wake of the angry outburst.

Alexander Zaverev was knocked out of a tournament in Acapulco in February after breaking his racket during an explosive-laden tire against the umpire’s chair, while Nick Kyrgios was fined last month for his aggression in Indian Wells and Miami.

About Boris Becker

Boris Franz Becker is a German former world No. 1 tennis player. He was successful from the start of his career, winning the first of his six Grand Slam singles titles at age 17. His Grand Slam singles titles comprise three Wimbledon Championships, two Australian Opens and one US Open.

Baker, who has had a lot of angry blasts in his career, said the players needed to show passion on the court for the game.

“I am very happy that we were allowed to play and in the end we had to get rid of social media and microphones, so to speak,” the 54-year-old, who has won six Grand Slam singles titles, told Eurosport Germany. . “It’s harder for players today. Everything is very transparent, very clear to my taste. And then the question is, how do the tennis authorities deal with it?”

“Tennis is also a recreational sport. I don’t want to see computers and machines on the court. Emotions are good, a little blood, sweat and tears, which stimulates, it was already in our case. But everything is there. There is a limit.” The ATP said it was reviewing its guidelines for cracking down on repeat offenders after being caught in the act of being “soft” on incidents of misconduct.

Although some players have called on their fellow professionals for their behavior, Baker said everyone should “look in the mirror.” “We’re not all perfect, everyone goes crazy sometimes and you just don’t do it,” he added. “I also say tennis players are teammates, so you shouldn’t really comment openly about other people’s misconduct. I think that’s wrong.”

Caspar Rudd, the world number seven, and Mats Wilder, the seven-time world champion, have said that reckless behavior on the court must be stopped.

Tennis-Players may become ‘machines’ under stricter misconduct sanctions-Becker

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