Cage Warriors 124 live: Sardari vs. McColgan Live On TV and live stream info as Belfast’s Joe McColgan goes for title glory

Cage Warriors 124 live
Cage Warriors 124 live

Cage Warriors 124 Live On TV and live stream info as Belfast’s Joe McColgan goes for title glory Cage Warriors’ fourth Trilogy series goes ahead in the week with CW 123, CW 124 and CW 125, happening from the 24th to 26th


June.Cage Warriors 124 are going to be headlined by Nathias Frederick who will look to defend his title for a second time against a surging Matt Bonner, while the co-main event will see a highly anticipated rematch between middleweight prospects Will Currie and Christian Duncan.




Cage Warriors 124 live ,Agy Sardari headlines Cage Warriors 124 live as he looks to defend his lightweight title against the always dangerous Joe McColgan with a debuting Justin Burlinson taking over David Bear during a welterweight contest within the co-main event.


Cage Warriors 124 will see Jack Grant and Ian Garry settle to make a decision a replacement Cage Warriors welterweight champion, with Tobias Harila taking over William Gomis within the co-main event.


Cage Warriors All three events will see a variety of exciting fighters and Cage Warriors fan favourites in action too, with the likes of: Josh Reed, Decky McAleenan and Coner Hignett all fighting over the course of the three shows.

All events are going to be broadcast survive UFC FightPass globally and on a number of territorial broadcast partners including:

Cage Warriors Viaplay: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Eleven Sports Network: Italy & Belgium, Taiwan

True Vision: Thailand

CYTA: Cyprus

Gol TV: Spain

SSports: Turkey

Starhub: Singapore

3BB TV: Malaysia

StarTimes: Sub Saharan Africa

Max Sport: Bulgaria

SportKlub: Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia

Setanta: Eurasia and Ukraine.

BFBS: British Forces Overseas

W9 6play: France (CW124 only)

Cage Warriors 124 live
Cage Warriors 124 live


Cage Warriors 124 live, FightPass exclusive territories include UK, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and therefore the Americas.


Nathias Frederick vs Matthew Bonner (middleweight title fight)

Cage WarriorsChristian Duncan vs Will Currie (middleweight fight)

Sam Creasey vs Aaron Aby (flyweight fight)

Liam Gittins vs Emrah Sonmez (bantamweight fight)

George Smith vs Mick Stanton (middleweight fight)


Keir Harvie vs Manny Akpan (featherweight fight)

Omiel Brown vs Joel Downey-Cave (welterweight fight)

Adam Cullen vs Josh Plant (lightweight fight)

Rory Evans vs Jimmy Fell (featherweight fight)


Agy Sardari vs Joe McColgan (lightweight title fight)

Justin Burlinson vs David Bear (welterweight fight)

Nathan Fletcher vs Brian Bouland (bantamweight fight)

Harry Hardwick vs Jean N’doye (featherweight fight)

Edward Walls vs Steve Aimable (featherweight fight)

Luke Shanks vs Nicolas Leblond (flyweight fight)

George Hardwick vs Dean Trueman (lightweight fight)

Jesse Urholin vs Aaron Khalid (welterweight fight)

Dominique Wooding vs Cameron Hardy (bantamweight fight)

Dylan Hazan vs Josh Reed (bantamweight fight)


Cage Warriors 124 live, MAIN CARD (3:30PM BST)

Cage Warriors 124 live
Jack Grant vs Ian Garry (welterweight title fight)

William Gomis vs Tobias Harila (featherweight fight)

Stevie McIntosh vs Decky McAleenan (lightweight fight)

Paull McBain vs James Hendin (featherweight fight)

Scott Malone vs Serdar Altas (130lbs catchweight fight)

Gerardo Fanny vs Coner Hignett (flyweight fight)

Marcus Lewis vs Scott Pedersen (lightweight fight)

Connor Wilson vs Ciaran Mulholland (flyweight fight)
Belfast’s Joe McColgan will choose glory at Cage Warriors 124 on Friday night.

McColgan takes on champion Agy Sardari for the lightweight title at London’s York Hall.

It is the second time the 34-year-old will have fought for the title after losing bent Mason Jones last year.

McColgan had a disrupted build-up thereto first attempt, but this point he features a full training camp behind him as he looks to form it second time lucky.

Here’s more info on the show and the way you’ll watch it:

When and where is cage Warriors 124?
Cage Warriors 124 is at York Hall in London on Friday night, June 25.

Watch what happened when Remington put Manchester United Legends, Wes Brown and Andy Cole, to the test during a Star Barbers’ chair!!

Who’s fighting?
Belfast’s Joe McColgan takes on lightweight champion Agy Sardari within the co-main event. Justin Burlinson vs David Bear is additionally one among the feature fights of the night.


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