Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight

Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight
Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight

Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight Canadian Transport Minister Omar Algabra announced on Friday that the ban on Canadian flights to India and Pakistan will be extended until next month. In a press conference, Alghabra said the ban would last until June 21 due to the “increased risk” of importing COVID-19 cases and variants into Canada.

“I can say that since the ban was imposed, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of positive COVID-19 from international flights.”

Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight The flight ban, which came into effect on April 22, will expire one month later and is applicable to all direct flights from India and Pakistan to Canada.

Passengers are yet to travel to other countries before coming to Canada from those countries, but they have a negative COVID-19 test from the last point and should follow any other travel guidelines.

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The bills will be paid out of a tourist’s pocket, which costs around $ 2,000 depending on the location. People must undergo three COVID-19 tests: one before boarding a flight to Canada, one after arrival, and one during the mandatory two-week separation period.


All passengers must be individually vaccinated and follow different rules without showing any symptoms.

Of the 39 countries on the UK’s “red list”, the UK also has travel bans for Pakistan. Only British and Irish citizens or those permanently residing in the UK can enter England after 10 days of mandatory government separation.

The Gulf states also have travel bans from Pakistan. The UAE Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said 13 countries, including Pakistan, have been banned from entering the country due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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While the Pakistani government celebrates its success in creating jobs internationally, this long list of travel restrictions is expensive. Pakistan’s economy is heavily reliant on remittances and its recovery has been paralyzed.

Canada extends ban India and Pakistan flight

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