Colo-Colo vs Everton live: Football, Chile, Everton live scores, results

Colo-Colo vs Everton live
Colo-Colo vs Everton live

Colo-Colo vs Everton live: Football, Chile, Everton live scores, results Colo Colo defeated Everton 1-0 at Monumental. Scared, drama. But he did. A header by Echeverría on 89′, which passed close to the farthest post from Cortes, was almost avoided. Fortune, however, played for the host, who for now is out of the table: he is now third in last place with 28 points after playing 27 games.

Colo-Colo vs Everton live

The football scene took a sharp turn with the presentation against Santiago Wanderers. If in Valparaíso de Cacique he didn’t fire throughout the game, the first shot went against the Routers on 4 ‘. And it was deadly: after a great play between Costa, Carmona and Valencia, Mouche appeared at the far post to beat Herrera. The former U goal suffered again in Macul.

Colo-Colo vs Everton live

Colo Colo’s image has improved. The team led this Sunday by Leandro Stilitano, who replaces suspended Gustavo Quinteros, was tidy, compact. It didn’t go very far, but the change was obvious. When Everton snooped, the albums weren’t a horror. Only Insaurralde, Falcón’s replacement, failed in a specific play with Menendez, but that didn’t end well.

Menendez was the most insistent. Díaz Price’s speed helped him do that: most evident on 23′ in a Mexican pass, but the prodigious Argentine striker increased his shot on the run. Three minutes later, Colo Colo returned to the Herrera area. It was impressive that San Juan shone at the chance: he wanted to get rid of a ball and headed into his own goal.

Colo-Colo vs Everton live

Colo-Colo vs Everton en vivo

Colo-Colo vs Everton en vivo online

Of course, Herrera took the opportunity and responded. Everton finished the first phase with 56.2% of possession. But the Viñamarinos did not manage to advance very clearly on the playing field. Sometimes Barroso manifested enough to make Moya uncomfortable. Fuentes triumphed in midfield and Valencia also did their best with the ball.

Colo-Colo vs Everton live

In the supplement, Everton started as the lead actor. Two minutes later, Campos stopped Suárez from celebrating: the colocolino crossed the Banana, which was about to shoot in the Cortes bow. It was the former Palestinian’s first success, who suffered with Menéndez in the early days. Anyway, Colo Colo has downloaded several changes. He agreed with the result.

Stilitano highlighted something after the game against Antofagasta, in the north: that they are currently looking for the points. Anyway. Having a colorful game in this context is not possible. Or is it last on the priority list. Then Colo Colo retreated and took refuge. Everton had the ball, but Cuevas the other didn’t take a walk today.

What Colo Colo will regret is the injury to Valdivia, who barely played 10 minutes. He came to Mouche at 64′ and then had to give up his place to Blandi. The Wizard’s new phase in Macul has not started in the best way. But the boss is still breathing. The University of Concepción and the Superclásico appear on the calendar. Insaurralde will lose the duel with the blues.

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