SUPER FUN: Covered by Legos ase, joka nayttaa lelulta, aloittaa furorin

Covered by Legos
Covered by Legos

Covered by Legos About a week ago, a Utah company that makes firearms described it as a fun new product: a series that binds goulash handguns into red, yellow, and blue Lego blocks, making deadly weapons that look like children’s toys.

“We’ve been making guns out of the block for the past 30 years and we wanted to translate the script to make Mom more enthusiastic,” Provo-based Kulper Precision explained on its website. It argued that personal defense is a God-given right and the main reason for protecting gun ownership in the organization is that the design was named after the organization sold “Block 19,” for $ 549-65,765.

Covered by Legos There is satisfaction that can only be found in shooting sports, and the only small way to break speech from anti-singing people and pay attention to shooting sports is like super fun!” The site announced a bold plan that would prove to be short-lived ex “That’s the thing. Guns are fun. Shooting is fun. 30 rounds of full automatic fun.”

He said he was going to watch the cartoons. Instead, he opens his father’s gun safely.

Which isn’t funny, and the sales page blocked the fact that millennial children accidentally shoot themselves or someone else every year because they find a gun and pull its trigger.

The customization of Kulper Precision took place at a time when the problem was exacerbated and sales of firearms were increasing. News of the new product spread on the internet late last week, an idea that confuses many people so much that it can inevitably cost children their lives.

Covered by Legos

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