Covid cases in India in last 24 hours today

Covid cases in India in last 24 hours today According to data released by the Federal Ministry of Health on Friday, the total number of Covid-19 in India was 3,1,72,3444, with 44,230 new infections.
The death toll increased to 555, and the death toll increased from 215 in the morning to 2,2,2.

Covid cases in India in last 24 hours today Meanwhile, in Karnataka and Bangalore, the capital, the number of cases of Covid is increasing rapidly today.

2,052 new cases have been reported in today’s state, up 34% from 1,531 on Wednesday. There were 505 cases in the capital, up 34% from 3,376 on Wednesday.

According to state breaking news, the number of active covid cases in the state is 23,253. With 1,48,861 samples tested, the state positive rate on Thursday was 1.37 percent.

President Joe Biden on Thursday stepped up measures to combat the spread of the growing delta variant of Covid-1 and that all U.S. federal workers have been fully vaccinated or masked and tested. Asked to declare.

A veteran Democrat said in a speech about his administration’s new initiative, “As we saw last year, our business, our school, our society should be closed, and we have this. We have the tools to stop the new wave of Covid. ” “”

Earlier that day, the White House said four million federal officials and all field contractors were “required to check their immune status.”

Covid cases in India in last 24 hours today

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