Covid vaccine protection likely to wane over time

Covid vaccine protection likely to wane over time Scientists advise the British government that vaccination campaigns will continue for the next few years, as vaccines that protect against coronavirus infections and potentially fatal illnesses are likely to deteriorate over time. I told the group.

According to an executive summary of a document reviewed by the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group, the vaccine develops immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection and is a potentially serious illness (probably somewhat less) due to emergencies (SAGE). ) Has a good chance of developing.

Covid vaccine protection likely to wane over time Therefore, vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 will probably last for years, but at this point we do not know what is the best frequency of re-vaccination to protect the vulnerable from Covid’s disease,” scientists said. Said.

“How long will the vaccine protect from covid?” This document was written by the leading virologists and epidemiologists at Imperial College London, the University of Birmingham, and the UK Public Health Services.

The UK has approved a mass vaccination program since December 2020, using three shots: Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Biotech and Modelena.

Real-world data show that these vaccines are more than 95% effective against alpha mutants affecting the United Kingdom in early 2021, but protect against infection and subsequent infections. Scientists said the shot’s ability was low.

They said the effectiveness of the vaccine can be expected to remain high for serious illnesses, but over time the effectiveness for mild illnesses and infections may diminish.

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Recent reports from the United Kingdom and Israel, which are conducting large-scale preliminary campaigns, support this idea, they said.

Israel will begin a third dose of the Pfizer-Biotech Covid-1 vaccine to people over the age of 60. This is the world’s first effort to slow the spread of highly contagious delta mutants.

Since the advent of the Delta mutant, the Israeli Ministry of Health has reported a decrease in vaccine efficacy against infection and a slight decrease in vaccine protection against serious illness.

In another report to the British government on July 22, scientists said new species could emerge that could lead to a wider range of serious illnesses or circumvent the effects of current vaccines. He said there was “realistic potential”.

The emergence of such strains can lead to tighter control and blockade, which can affect economic activity.

Covid vaccine protection likely to wane over time

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