Crypto platform hacked in $600m cyber heist

Crypto platform hacked in $600m cyber heist Hackers have recovered almost half of the $ 600 million they stole. This could be one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts.

Cyber ​​criminals have exploited a vulnerability in polynetworks. Polynetwork is a platform that enables various blockchains to be connected and linked.

Crypto platform hacked in $600m cyber heist Polly Network announced the attack on Tuesday, contacting hackers and demanding that they “return the hacked assets.”

Blockchain is a record of various cryptocurrency-based activities. Each digital currency has its own blockchain, which is different from each other. Polynetwork claims that these different blockchains can work together.

Polynetwork is a decentralized financial platform. DeFi is a broad term that includes financial applications based on blockchain technology that seek to block intermediaries such as intermediaries and exchanges. Therefore, it is decentralized.

Proponents say they can make financial applications more efficient and cheaper, such as paying and receiving money.

Polly Network said in a tweet that the amount of hacks was the largest in Defy’s history.

Hackers have begun to return funds
In a strange incident on Wednesday, hackers began to return some of the stolen money.

They sent a message “ready to return funds” to the polynetwork embedded in the cryptocurrency transaction. The DFI platform has responded to requests to send money to three crypto addresses.

By 7:00 am London time, more than $ 8 million had been returned to the polynetwork address. By 11:00 am, about 858 million people had been returned.

Tom Robinson, Chief Scientist at blockchain analytics firm Ellipse, said: Email

“In this case, the hacker concluded that returning the most stolen property was the safest option.”

When a hacker steals money, he begins sending money to various other cryptocurrency addresses. A total of over £ 610 million of cryptocurrencies have been transferred to three addresses, according to researchers at security firm Slomist.

In a tweet, Slomist said the researcher “fingerprinted the attacker’s mailbox, IP, and device” and “looked for an ID that could be associated with a polynetwork attacker.”

Researchers have concluded that theft can be a “long-term plan, organized, prepared attack.”

Polynetwork requires a “blacklist token” for cryptocurrency exchange from a hacker-linked address.

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