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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin proved they are still going strong with the Spanish vacation

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin
Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, who have been together for almost four years, recently took their romance abroad for a yummy ride. The couple traveled to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where they enjoyed a boat ride and a few sights in the city.

At one point, the couple soaked up the sun as they cruised out to sea in a dinghy. For that day, it was just their outdoor activity. The Coldplay frontman and the High Note actress curled up in their arms as they walked around the Spanish island at noon.

To keep them going, they kept two things low and relaxed. The 44-year-old musician had all the smiles when he wore a black t-shirt, matching shorts and a baseball cap. Dakota looked effortlessly glamorous in her multi-colored floral blouse and off-white shorts. Like Chris, he also flaunted the baseball cap.

Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin
See Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s 5 12.5 Million

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin The two’s latest romantic trip proves just how strong their relationship is.

In March, the 31-year-old actress and “yellow” singer took a big leap in their romance after moving into their mall in Malibu, Calif ..5.5 12.5 million mansions. Although a source said e! News from Chris’ owner confirms that Dakota is “there with him”.

Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin
Before leaving, Chris and Dakota wore a huge diamond ring on their finger, sparking engagement rumors. However, since the couple started dating in 2013, they never imagined speculating in public.

Meanwhile, Chris’ ex Gwyneth Paltrow has been seen approving of their union. After all, there is a similar bond between the founder and the actress.
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“I love it,” Gonith Dakota criticized in the February 2020 issue of Harpin’s Market. “I can see how weird that would be because it’s some kind of conventional alin, instead of being tough or protected by it? Is there so much juice looking into something like that?”

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin

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