Damian Lillard trade between Blazers, Celtics is unrealistic

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard

Damian Lillardto dream of your green, but here’s the reality: if you don’t want to leave Jalen Brown in the middle of the trade package, then it probably isn’t, and it should be a non-starter for Boston Celtics.

Lillard is unforgettably talented and happy to see her limitless selection. The Celtics are in dire need of a small, wrist-tapping guard who has been successful in the fourth quarter since Isaiah Thomas was treated.

But unlike some situations where Boston is offered a three-star partnership with multiple opportunities with something like Broadley Bill – Lillard’s trade position has probably dug Portland into the highest possible return in all business areas.

Damian Lillard future was at the center of many offseason speculation. On Friday, True Hoop announced that Lillard would soon be asking for business from Blazers.

Over the next four years – in the last year – under a contract of 17 176.2 million. 48.8 Million Player Options – Lillard doesn’t have much profit going to a certain place. All he can do is let Portland decide the best deal.

Philadelphia is able to support packages built around Ben Simmons. Denver has a lot of young talent that can speed up the relaunch of Portland. Reaching out to the people at the forefront of this year’s draft can also be a strong thing, even if wage equivalence is hard to understand.

Boston can certainly add itself to any trade conversation if Brown is made available. We shout at the top of that hill: the 24-year-old All-Star has no reason to trade with a merchant – especially a 30-year-old, defensively challenged guard who, when a young guard’s skills begin to wane, has 40 million. Earns dollars.

Jee Al, that sounds pretty crap to me, it looks like BT isn’t me either. But there are ways to add another elite player without leaving the Boston Tetum / Brown Corps, and a little more patience can be a longer title window.

And that should be the way forward.

Damian Lillard

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