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Deadpool is finally joining Marvel Cinematic Universe for their first crossover … with Thor Ragnarok and Karg?

Okay, so this isn’t Ryan Reynolds Mark’s official face debut on MCU, but Reynolds and Taika Waiti appeared together in their Marvel character to promote the upcoming film Free Guy, which features both Actors.

Deadpool The couple responded to a trailer for a volunteer character I didn’t expect Deadpool to meet at MSU, but here we are. Watch the video below.

Free Guy is an upcoming movie where Reynolds plays an NPC video game that develops free will. Vetti is in the film side by side playing the lead role to win only the delicate Reynolds.

Have you seen Deadpool 2?

At first glance, Carg seems to be the great random Marvel character included in this campaign. However, with the exception of both Reynolds and Waitie in the film, Free Guy is one of the films inherited from Disney after the acquisition of 20th-century Fox.

And now that both Reynolds and Wetty are under House of Mouse tickets, what better way to promote Free Guy than to remind people of both parts of the MCU?

Deadpool is officially affiliated with MSU and is an R-rated film according to Marvel’s boss Kevin Fagg. In the meantime, we’ll probably see Vetin Corg for the first time since the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, when Veti also leads, will appear there.

Matt T.M. Kim is an IGN news reporter.


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