Democrats want to avoid a “circus” as they move forward with a new election committee

Democrats want to avoid
Democrats want to avoid

Democrats want to avoid As they begin the process of forming a select committee to investigate security failures and the situation surrounding the January deadly attack on the US Chapter, the House of Democrats aims to use a strategy to avoid turning the investigation into a spectacle.

They hope to put some work behind closed doors, beyond the blatant rumors that defined the Republican Select Committee on Benghazi during the Obama administration.

Although the committee’s plan is still in its infancy, sources told CNN that Democrats are determined not to try to turn it into a second round of dismissal, but will use it instead to explore issues that do not focus on all centers. . if there is a role, it cannot be ignored.

Democrats want to avoid The strategy indicates the political reality of a committee that is unlikely to have staff and will be fully prepared to begin its work for weeks, as some employees will need security permits to manage their work until Republicans and Democrats fall. , while the electoral message and delegates The fight for control of the council will begin in full swing.

For many Democrats who already have a short gap in the House, the challenge of not overcoming it will be important, as Republicans will want to describe the party as linked to an investigation by an already ousted president. Liz Cheney, who was fired from the GOP leadership after being repeatedly criticized by Trump as a member of the commission, is one of the political challenges surrounding the selected commission, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi elected Rep. Republican.

“I don’t think my colleagues are worried it’s going to be a circus,” said Peter Aguilar, a California Democrat. “I owe a lot to the creditor for choosing Liz Cheney as a member to send this message.”
& # 39; Not a gift :: McCarthy faces GOP resistance to serve in January 6 panel
“It’s not a gift”: McCarthy faces GOP resistance to serve on Mc panel in January
Aguilar argued that after only two meetings, the committee was united in pursuing the truth and not in directing the way politics was investigated.

“It’s not like throwing things on the wall and then saying we’re going to shape it again, because we don’t want it to be political,” Aguilar said.
At this point, Aguilar said, the biggest conversation was about personnel, logistics and where to go first.
Pelosi elected several Democrats to his committee, who had experience in conducting extensive investigations and did not attract internal attitudes toward antiquities that were seen as random. California Democrats have also elected a close-knit group of members from a variety of political backgrounds, including more moderate members, such as Florida Representative Stephanie Murphy.

The group, chaired by Benny Thompson, president of House Homeland Security in Mississippi, discussed a separate committee agreement with Republican Rep. John Catco of New York, which Senate Republicans wanted before Pelosi went to the committee elected after the commission has been blocked.

The members of the selection committee met after Pelosi signed up for their new panel and then met on Wednesday to discuss strategies and staffing plans. Sources say the time of the first hearing has not yet been set, but Thompson said last week that he would probably hear from police officers in the US Chapter about their January experience.
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Trump’s mountain allies could be caught on January 6 as a strategy to prepare for the GOP

“There are forces out there that want to take this investigation to a biased mud fight as soon as possible, and President Thompson knows what happened and focuses on informing the American people about our analysis of everything that has happened.” Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin said, “He’ll get into this.”
“It will not be the second play in Benghazi, because it was really a political event and it is an extremely deadly business to get to the bottom of the attack in America,” Raskin added.

There is no guarantee that Democrats will succeed in preventing the committee from being seen as a biased tool by voters, especially when the panel takes over as Trump. California Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has begun electing his own members to work with the group, which will certainly be criticized for the entire effort, as Democrats did during the Benghazi GOP investigation.

Republicans have indicated they will press the committee to investigate Pelosi’s role in securing the capital as soon as the attack is published, as well as point to political violence involving extreme parties.

Democrats want to avoid

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