Disney Channel introduces The Owl House

Disney Channel
Disney Channel

Disney Channel introduces The Owl House The program follows teenager Luz Noseda, who falls into another world through a portal and decides to go on an adventure there.

Becoming friends with Ada Owl Out Lady, she soon becomes Grandpa’s apprentice in his Owl house, helping him to achieve his abilities and fight the evil deeds that come their way.

The program featured the character of Rhine Whispers, described as a “sharp and industrious head witch of The Bird Cowen” and a non-binary character who first appeared in this week’s episode of The Bird Cowen’s favorite series. Disney.

Disney Channel introduces The Owl House Non-binary actor and singer Avi Rock voices the character and they posted some interesting news on their Twitter account.

Avi said the role was a “dream come true”.

The Rhine whispers in Owl House
Fans cheer (Show: YouTube / Disney)
The inclusion of Rhine as a binary character brought great joy to Owl House fans.

“It’s amazing, I love that the character has queer and non-binary Latinx voice actors and that they are non-binary themselves!” It’s so important for the presentation! ‘Wrote a fan.

Responding to creator Dana Terrace’s announcement, one person said, “Thanks for writing a binary character on your show, that means the world to your trans fans.”

Another person added, “Dana thanks you for creating a binary character. ‘

This isn’t the first time the series has broken the barrier, as they both had their first show on the Disney Channel before showing the bisexual main character.

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Disney Channel introduces The Owl House

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