Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19
Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19

Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19

Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19
Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19

Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19 Among the leaders in the Dow Jones, Apple (AAPL) fell nearly 3% on Monday, while Microsoft (MSFT) fell 0.7% in today’s stock market. McDonald’s (MCD) crossed a new point of purchase last week, but came back down from the lobby.

Tesla (TSLA) was on track to extend his four-day losing streak by slipping about 2.5% on Monday morning.

Some of the top stocks to buy and view include Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Bioentech (BNTX) in or near new buying areas.

Microsoft shares and Tesla IBD Leaderboard. Bioentech is an IBD swingtrader share.

Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19  Industrial Average fell 2.2% on Monday, with the S&P 500 selling 1.5%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq midday activity fell about 0.85%.

The recent resurgence of Covid-19 in many parts of the world, including heavily vaccinated countries like the United States, could hamper economic growth. In the United States, coronavirus cases have increased 37% in the past seven days to 203,082, according to WorldMeter.

The stock rally is weak
The S&P 500 rebounded from a record high on Monday, when the Nasdaq believed the losing streak would extend to five sessions. Down Jones Industries are again trying to get support close to their 50-day moving average.

Friday’s Big Picture column noted: “An initial comeback effort turned into a day of more losses for fast stocks. Two weak moves this year, not just among key indicators, urged key sectors to be more careful this year. ”

For more stock market commentary, check out The Big Picture from IBD.

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Dow Jones Stocks: McDonald’s
According to IBD Marketsmith’s chart analysis, restaurant giant Dow Jones McDonald’s is trading below the 238.28 buy point at flatbase after the brief breakthrough attempt last week.

Shares fell about 1% on Monday.

Purchase and visualization of shares: AMD, Bioentech
According to IBD Marketsmith’s graphical analysis, the giant advanced micro-devices of the chips draw a cup with a handle that shows a buy point of 95.54. Shares fell 0.5% on Monday morning and are around 10% of new buy points.

According to the IBD stock balance sheet, AMD stock displays a strong combined IBD rating of 95 out of 99. IBD Composite Ratings identifies stocks with a mix of strong basic and technical characteristics. AMD was among the IBD shares of the day last week.

The IBD Leaderboard stock and the Covid-19 Bioentech vaccine leader revert to their initial 50-day moving average, leaving the stock at a new point of purchase. On Monday morning, the stock reduced its losses to 0.5%.

According to a ranking analysis, “Bioentech clears a trendline after the recent pullback near 222, making a new entry. The stock also exceeds its 10-week moving average. It joins the leaders as a new half-position. cut.”

Bioentech is also an IBD SwingTrader share.

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Tesla shares rose 2.5% on Monday morning, following a four-day loss. The electric car giant is again testing support close to its 200-day long-term moving average. Another strong display of support at these levels would look bullish for equity possibilities.

On January 25, Tendla stock finally hit an all-time high of 900.40 after 93% of 466 buying points in a mug with handle.

Dow Jones Executives: Apple, Microsoft
Among the major stocks in the Dow Jones, Apple sold nearly 3% Monday in a three-session uptrend. The stock hit an all-time high of 150.00 last week.

According to IBD Marketsmith’s chart analysis, Apple stock rose 5% to 137.17 entries in the Cup.

Microsoft continues to trade strongly around a cup

Dow Jones Dives 800 Points On Covid-19

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