160 European rescuers dug deeper into flood relief

European rescuers dug deeper
European rescuers dug deeper

European rescuers dug deeper The death toll from the floods in Western Europe rose to more than 160 on Sunday, as rescuers dug into deep water and dug into the rubble. Heavy rains have caused further flooding in southeastern Germany and Austria, but not as much as the deadly attacks last week.

Police gave this number to more than 110 injured people from the Ahhwila Territory in Westernland-Palatinate state in West Germany and said they were still concerned the number would continue to rise. In the neighboring state of Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is the most populous, with four dead, including four firefighters. And Belgium has confirmed 27 victims.

European rescuers dug deeper  Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Shulde, a village on the banks of the Aul River, on Sunday to witness her own loss. His visit took place in the German presidential zone on Saturday and made it clear that it would come after the need for long-term support.

Finance Minister Olaf Schulz will propose an immediate aid package at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Bild am Sonntag told the newspaper that more than 300 million euros (4,354 million) would be needed. And he said authorities must start putting in place a reconstruction program that would cost billions of euros compared to previous floods.


Pope Francis prayed for the flood victims and for support for “everyone’s efforts to help those who have suffered the most.”

“I express my closeness to the populations of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, which have been devastated by the catastrophic floods,” he declared during his first public appearance after a faithful surgery on St. Pierre. “The Lord welcomes the dead and comforts family members.”

Officials in the Ahrarwailar region have told people not to donate at this time. Police said the “overwhelming willingness to help” has left storage facilities for clothes and food.

Although rainfall stopped in the worst-affected areas of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, storms and rainfall continued in other parts of western and central Europe. The German-Czech border region was inundated on Saturday evening, from where flooding last week struck, as well as in the south-eastern corner of Germany and across the Austrian border.

About 130 people were evacuated from their homes in the Berchtesgaden region of Germany after the Aceh River overflowed. At least one person was killed. The railway to Birchtesgaden was closed.

A flood swept through the Austrian town of Helene late Saturday evening, but no casualties were reported. Further west, parts of the town of Kuffstein were flooded. Heavy rains and storms caused severe damage in several parts of Austria.

Climatologists say the link between extreme weather and global warming is unintentional and the urge to do something about climate change is undeniable.

Scientists have not yet been able to confirm whether the flooding was caused by climate change, but insisted it must have exacerbated extreme weather conditions around the world.

European rescuers dug deeper

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