August 4, 2021
Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany
Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany At least 120 people have died in the worst floods in decades, affecting parts of Germany and Belgium, officials say search and rescue operations will continue for hundreds of missing people.

Towards the end of Thursday, authorities said some 1,300 people were not yet on account in Germany, but warned that disruptions to road and telephone services could become high-profile.

At the same time, the German authorities said urgently that the warmer climate was at least partly responsible for the catastrophic floods.

A man stands in the middle of the ruins on Friday after the worst flood damage in Germany’s worst Neuehar-Ahrweiler.
Via Christophe Stachi / AFP Getty Images
In response to reports of widespread destruction and desperate families lying on the roof awaiting rescue on Friday, Environment Minister Sovenge Schulz said “climate change has entered Germany”.

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany ,German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his condolences on the floods and said that measures must be taken to prevent future disasters.

“Only if we fight the fight against climate change will we be able to withstand extreme weather conditions,” Steinmeier said in a speech in Berlin on Friday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in Washington this week, said Germany “does not fully accept what happened with heavy rains and floods”.

Floodwaters swept cars from a nearby river in Hagen, Germany on Thursday.
Martin Messner / AP
“We don’t know the number of deaths yet, but it’s going to be higher,” Merkel said. “Some died in their basements, others tried to bring others to safety as firefighters.”

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Merkel met with President Biden at the White House on Thursday during her last visit to the United States as Chancellor before the September 26 election to replace her. Climate change was one of the topics on their agenda.

The meeting was held as West German regional governments fought floods prone to flooding to save hundreds of people who died in the floods.

Of the nearly 60 people who died in Rhineland-Palatinate, nine lived to help the disabled. According to the authorities, the situation is chaotic as the city of Cologne is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and the electricity and mobile networks have deteriorated.

A woman tries to walk along a flood after heavy rains on Thursday in Liege, Belgium.

Patrick Reichelt, a police officer south of Cologne, told the broadcaster ARD that rescue workers had just been able to rescue children from school due to the force of the floods.

“The flow of water past primary school is very strong for our motorboats,” the official said. “We’ve only managed to get the kids out, but today we’re making our last trip this way.”

North Rhine-Westphalia Governor Armin Lashekh, who hopes to get Merkel as Chancellor, convened an emergency cabinet meeting on Friday. His leadership in resolving the flood crisis was seen as a test.

In the town of Arfstadt, several people died after their home collapsed due to a huge single, according to authorities.

Flood Deaths Are Rising In Germany

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