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Former SC judge suspect in Haitian president’s

Former SC judge suspect in Haitian president’s Port-au-Prince, July 0 (Reuters)-Haiti police said they had met a Colombian mercenary accused of murder on Friday, with new charges against a former Supreme Court judge related to the assassination of President Jobenal Moises earlier this month. I explained the outline.

The Mois massacre confused the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and launched an international campaign for mercenaries and murder masterminds across the United States.

Former SC judge suspect in Haitian president’s Haitian police issued an arrest warrant to former Supreme Court judge Wendell Kok Serrot earlier this week. read more

The whereabouts of Coke-Thelet are unknown and no comment could be requested.

Colombian residents and Haitian Americans arrested in connection with Mois’s murder said they had met Cook Serrot, according to Hayes National Police spokeswoman Michelle Belier.

“Many of them have hinted that they have visited Mrs. Cock’s house twice,” Belia told reporters. “These people (police) provided details of the documents signed during the meeting at Mrs. Cook’s house.”

Belier said police had attacked Cock Terrett’s home and other rural dwellings. A wanted poster for Cockwandel has also been released.

Many questions remain as to who was behind this month’s murder and how the murderer entered the president’s house. Haitian officials blamed a group of mainly Colombian mercenaries, three of whom were killed by police.

Moiz’s chief security official was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement. (NL1N2P32IV)

Earlier that day, Colombia urged Haiti to secure the legal and medical rights of 11 Colombians detained on Caribbean islands in connection with the killing of Mois.

Former SC judge suspect in Haitian president’s

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