Wednesday , 29 September 2021

Four Ships Off UAE Hijacking

Four ships were hijacked off the United Arab Emirates At least four ships lost steering control in an ambiguous situation on Tuesday after authorities said there was an “incident” in the area. I warned.

The hijacking of four UAE vessels is not immediately clear what is happening off the coast of Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman, but the British maritime trade agency said a “potential hijacking” was happening. rice field.

Four Ships Off UAE Hijacking The Times believes on Tuesday that British sources have hijacked one of the ships, the Asphalt Princess, “working on the idea that the Iranian army or her agent is on board.”

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Two maritime sources added that Iran-backed troops believed they had seized oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. A spokesman for the UK State Department said he was “urgently investigating” a shipwreck off the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier, the British Maritime Trade Agency reported that a “hijacking potential” had occurred off the coast of the Fujairah region of the United Arab Emirates without revealing the vessels involved or details of the vessels involved.

“British sources believe that the asphalt princess was hijacked. They are working on the idea that Iranian troops or agents are on board,” the Times defense editor tweeted.

According to, the two vessels, an oil tanker called the Golden Brilliant and an asphalt carrier called Camadenu, reported “not under command” through an automatic identification system tracker. This usually means that the ship has lost power and can no longer navigate.

Four Ships Off UAE Hijacking

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