Freedom Day Boris Johnson back in coronavirus quarantine on eve of Britain’s

Freedom Day
Freedom Day

Freedom Day Boris Johnson back in coronavirus  Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Sajid Javid announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday. He announced the positive test on Saturday. The article has been revised.

LONDON – New British Secretary Sajid Javid announced on Saturday that he would “survive the virus” in the first, three-week work explosion – announcing on Saturday that he would test positive for the coronavirus and become self-isolated.

Freedom Day  Then on Sunday Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Shi Shi Sunak said they were alerted by the National Health Service because they had close contact with an infected person like Javid, who must be disconnected at home immediately.

Britain’s top head of government, Quarantine Johnson, who fought to control the outbreak, wore a mask and arrived 24 hours before plans to end almost all government mandates in England for social distance. On Monday, dubbed “Independence Day” by the press, it would be a “personal choice” whether it be a mask or a distance in most cases. Several health experts have condemned the inauguration as a reckless experiment. Others say it’s almost time – and the number of hospitalizations and deaths is low.

PingDemic: England’s Covid app sends half a million exposure notifications every week

Johnson said he was going to be separated while spending the weekend with the prime minister’s official rural resources auditor. According to his spokesperson, the Prime Minister will conduct business not only remotely but also remotely through teleconference on Independence Day.

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid released a video on 1 July 17 in which he tested positive for the coronavirus and called for others to be tested if necessary. (Through the story of Sajid Jabed)
The Prime Minister’s quarantine appeared as soon as the coronavirus infection began in Britain, driven by the highly contagious delta, which was first caught in India. More than 53,69.9 new infections were recorded in the UK on Saturday, nearly double the number of recent cases in the United States and more than a few thousand orders were recorded in the UK in May.

Johnson was infected with Covid-9 at the start of the epidemic and spent the day in an intensive care unit for complementary oxygen. Although he is fully vaccinated today, his isolation works a bit.

People ate at Hackney in London on 16 July. (St. Adams / Bloomberg)
Even if he adopts “legal guidelines” for implementing social distance measures, his government continues to run its isolated and tested cell phone app, which “stings” a newly infected person when people approach him intimately.

Freedom Day

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