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Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Schedule Gareth Brooks 27 The first tour of the stadium stops before the epidemic between staff and the cover song reveals some twists. On Saturday night (July 10) in Las Vegas, Brooks held it in the countryside during a night of sensitive music.

The video shared on social media highlights the performance of “River” and Encore’s “Shallow”. Both have become catarrhal songs that accentuate the lyricist’s feelings as he knelt down and held out his hand to express his gratitude for the show for the first time in more than five hundred days.

“Dance” and “Friends downstairs” sound as expected. Both songs are hopeful that Brooks fans will hear more from his list than anything else. The 27-song setlist started as before. Each .. In fact, the first four songs were like his last stadium in Detroit in February 2020. From there, he mixes it with familiar covers and deep cuts and pulls it from time to time vs. George Strait, scattered around Angkor, the cover of Keith Whitley, who he sometimes pulls (“Don’t close your eyes”).

Garth Brooks Trisha Yarwood’s song “Olkaway Joe” and the film “Shallow,” which joined Brooks during the Encore program, were released on the radio as a single in 2020. Due Duty has been highlighted by many. According to unofficial information, we first played together when the tour at the stadium stopped.

See full setlist below. Brooks ’next show is scheduled for Saturday (July 17) in Salt Lake City.

Garth Brooks Las Vegas Elegant Stadium Series:
“Whole day”
“Two types, working in a packed house”
“Shiny beach”
“Two Pina Coladaa”
“In the Dark of the Fax” (Nutty Gritty Dart Band cover)
“Thunder Roll”
“No Sing” down (“until the sun rises”)
“Snowless Prayer”
“Ask what you know”
“That summer”
“Karin Baton Rouge”
“Friends downstairs”
“Who loved my parents?”

“With a lone dove”
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” (Keith Whitley Cover)
“Morning Amarilio” (cover of George Strait)
“Troubadour” (cover of George Strait)
“Too young (feel this shit)”
“Low” by Trisha Earwood (Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper icon)
“Walcao Joe” and Trisha Earwood (Trisha Earwood cover)
“Stand out from the fire”

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Garth Brooks

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