Global phone hacks expose darker side of Israel’s

Global phone hacks expose darker side of Israel’s Mossad espionage operation saddened around the world. Plucky “National Startup” house to rehabilitate the billionaire concept These two engines of Israel’s image abroad whose political and economic leaders have long been happy to exert pressure.

This rapid image had such an impact in the new report that the technology established by Israel was once again used by the NSO company as Pegasus software to hack the cell phones of human rights activists, journalists and others. worldwide.

Global phone hacks expose darker side of Israel’s The ONS and its guards say its software is only intended to catch terrorists and other criminals, regularly saves lives and carries out strict export controls.

The company says it does not control what its customers will do with the software, but follows Israel’s law on exports of military-grade technology, chooses to test clients, and blocks access if it detects abuse.
But the recent unveiling by an international consortium of media and human rights organizations about Pegasus has shed light on both the organization and Israel. Now, while many consider the ethics and legitimacy of such national programs, there are appeals both within Israel and the international community on how much more the cyber-espionage market can be regulated.

A perfect marriage of spies and technology
Israel’s dominance in cybersecurity has failed. The country’s intelligence and covert operations departments, especially its Mossad security forces, have long had a reputation for being involved in the daring and ruthless spying on Hollywood, sparked by the Hollywood image.

As Israel’s importance as a center for technological innovation and start-ups grew, the two fields merged to make the country a short-lived influence in the cybersecurity industry.
Tal Pavel, head of cybersecurity studies at Academic College, said the country’s well-revived education system and compulsory military service take most young Israelis to a higher level of cybersecurity and cyber warfare training. Pavel of Tel Aviv Yafo noted that most of the country’s modern technologies have their roots in military development.

The inmate’s daughter Hotel Rwanda & # 39; He says he was spied on by Israeli software
Inmate’s daughter behind Rwanda hotel says she was spied on by Israeli software
One of the elite units of the Israel Defense Forces is Secret Unit 00200, a cyber-espionage agency that has created some of the country’s biggest tech superstars.

Pavel told CNN: “One of the unique themes in Israel, ‘synergy’, which combines cyber and Cinderella in the industry,” he told CNN that the feature he spoke of was probably involved. in the Israeli mentality.
“There is something here too … maybe a fight for survival. If everything is happy and you aren’t constantly trying to survive (against the people who are trying to destroy you), you don’t. need for innovation to face it. ”
ONS results

NSO was established in 2009, but until 2016 the strength of NSO technology was not in screening.
In the same year, reports surfaced that UAE human rights activist Ahmed Mansour received suspicious text messages containing links, with researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Labs revealing ONS malware that could have hack his iPhone. (In 2018, Mansour was jailed for 10 years for “damaging the reputation of the United Arab Emirates” on social media.)

The Pegasus Project: Why 17 Newsletters Work Together to Cover Large Scale Spyware
The Pegasus software was allegedly linked to the 2018 murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi via disgruntled colleague Omar Abdulaziz, whose phone was allegedly hacked via the Pegasus software. Abdulaziz sued the NSO in 2010, alleging violations of international law by selling software to repressive regimes. Early last year, an Israeli judge rejected an NSO request to drop the case, which the NSO said “lacked good faith.” The ONS has repeatedly denied that its software was used to monitor Khashoggi or his family.

A recent investigation by international media and human rights organizations found evidence of 37 people linked to the Pegasus software who should not have been targeted by the N software.

Global phone hacks expose darker side of Israel’s

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