Google Updates Cookie Crackdown Timeline

Google Updates Cookie Crackdown Timeline The number of cookies becomes sharp, although a little.

Google teams are further clarifying the timing of the devaluation of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, releasing a monthly updated schedule and adding more details to each initiative.

As it sits on the right side of various competitive regulations, the industry strives to provide a more confidential and compliant means to measure, serve ads, and identify fraud in key pillars of digital advertising. Privacy Sandbox, led by Google, is at the forefront of these decisions on the open web, with stakeholders from other industries in forums such as the World Wide Web Consortium Group and GitHub.

How cookies work and why they work now

Google Updates In June, Google pledged to allow US competition and market authorities to oversee the replacement of its cookies. A few weeks later, and in order to respond to the conflicting conditions, Google announced that it had extended the deadline for deleting cookies.

Here’s what you need to know about updates.

Currently, four proposals submitted by Privacy Sandbox are available for source testing (depending on privacy rules in selected regions). These include Federation Learning Targeting Cohorts, FLEDGE ad targeting methods, and other fraud detection and distribution processes.

A total of 30 proposals have been submitted and are in the early stages of discussion and testing.
Fourth quarter 2021 test: Four proposals – FLoC, FLEDGE and others – will be in test mode in areas selected for certain traffics. The first tests of FLOC sources ended in the second quarter when Google announced an extension of its cookie devaluation schedule. Privacy is answered in the first sandbox inclusion test – like FLOC Europe under general data security checks before ensuring it is included in a more comprehensive test.

Ready for Q3 2022: Will perform all four technology tests and be ready to scale on the open web.
A phase of increasing cookie support in Q4 2022: Assuming technologies remove regulatory barriers set by the CMA, publishers and the advertising industry will shift to using the technology, a process that will take nine months to the imagination of Google.
Full Q3 2023 Support: After monitoring the migration process, Chrome will monitor third-party cookies within three months.

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