Govt approves clinical trials of Covaxin

Govt approves clinical trials of Covaxin To raise awareness about the domestic coronavirus vaccine, the Government of India is planning to conduct clinical trials in Bangladesh through Kovacin, a joint venture developed by Biotech and the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR). Documents.

Govt approves clinical trials of Covaxin The document reviewed by HT added that the government has confirmed approval for conducting clinical trials in Bangladesh.

The document states that the Government of India has facilitated the approval of covacin regulators by drug regulators in various countries.

“A trial was proposed in Bangladesh to raise awareness about covaxin abroad, especially in neighboring areas. To this end, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) to discuss the proposal with Bangladeshi authorities. Department and India Biotechnology Dhaka. MEA has also received approval for clinical trials in Bangladesh. You can start the trial approved by the Bangladesh authorities. ”

Reuters quoted an official from a Bangladeshi medical research institute in January as saying that India had applied for a covacin test in a biotech country.

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A dose of Kovasin is not provided in Bangladesh. According to the Vaccine Supply Web Portal operated by the Ministry of External Affairs, India has so far provided 3.3 million Covishield doses and one million commercial doses to Bangladesh.

According to people familiar with development in New Delhi and Dhaka, the Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) on July 18 approved a test for covacin in the country.

BMRC chairman Saeed Saeed Modas Ali, a former health adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, approved the move.

Approval has clearly followed a push from the Indian side. However, the above persons said that some parts of Bangladesh have signed an agreement with China for 30 million doses of synoform vaccine and there will be another agreement for millions of doses in Russia. He said that he is not very interested in Kovacin. Sputnik V.

The Bangladeshi side is also angry that India’s Serum Institute will not be able to receive 30 million doses of the Covishield vaccine under an agreement signed last November. Vaccine exports from India were halted in April amid a devastating wave of infections. Under an agreement with SII, Bangladesh was to receive 5 million doses a month from January to June 2021.

HT India asked Biotech for comment, but did not respond immediately.

Bangladesh is one of five countries (others Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan) that were part of the China-led China South Asian Emergency Reserves Reserve and Poverty Alleviation Cooperation and Development Center established earlier this month. First, it is expected to provide vaccines easily for members.

Earlier this month, Hyderabad-based India released data from a final analysis of Biotech Kovacsin, which said the vaccine showed an overall 77.8% efficacy against notable infections. Kovacin is currently approved for emergency use in 1 country, including Brazil, India, the Philippines, Iran and Mexico, and the EU is operating in 50 countries around the world. The company said it was in talks with the WHO to get an emergency list of Kovacin.

India Biotech has canceled a deal to supply covacin to Brazil after it canceled a deal to buy covacin on suspicion of colluding with two companies based in Brazil and Dubai. Late last week, national drug regulators rejected an application for approval of emergency use, India Biotech said. In response to a parliamentary question last week, the health ministry said it was “aware of the media coverage of some of the controversies surrounding the agreement and regulatory approval for the supply of kovasin to Brazil.” However, it is only relevant for agreements between commercial organizations, Messrs. India Biotech and foreign countries. ”

Govt approves clinical trials of Covaxin

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