Govt to buy 60m doses of Sinopharm vaccine

Govt to buy 60m doses of Sinopharm vaccineAn additional Secretary of the Cabinet, Shamsul Alefin, told reporters in Dhaka on Wednesday that the proposal was approved at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement on Wednesday.

Alefin did not disclose the price of the vaccine because of a nondisclosure agreement with Sinoform.

He said the vaccine would reach Bangladesh by November.

Govt to buy 60m doses of Sinopharm vaccine In addition to the vaccine purchase proposal, several other measures were approved at the meeting.


The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) is taking a new initiative to conduct online or digital educational activities for students to bridge the educational gap caused by the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic.

The government-run computer council has approved a policy of spending more than Rs 174.33 million on digital classroom materials.

An additional secretary said students were lagging behind their education due to the epidemic. This content will be useful for their research.

Purchases of PCR test kits, antigen test kits, VTMs with swabs, PCR lab consumables, CPAP and BIPAP machines, and other equipment to support the epidemic of Kovid-1 patients are also approved.

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