Govt to end lockdown curb on Aug 11

Govt to end lockdown curb on Aug 11 The blockade of southeastern Queensland is over, but residents of other parts of the state are starting to work.

At 00:00 pm, taxi drivers tested positive for Covid-1 in Cairns and Yarrabah যেখানে, and a three-day blockade was held to prevent the spread of the Delta subspecies.

Govt to end lockdown curb on Aug 11 That is, there are new restrictions depending on where you live, and health officials are asking people to see which rules apply.

None of these rules apply to home quarantine instructions. During the quarantine period, you may not leave the house or take visitors.

Starting from the southeast, here’s what you need to know:

The southeastern ban has been lifted:
If you live in any of the 11 municipalities that have been blocked for the past 11 weeks, you will have less restrictions.

Their LGAs are:

Logan City
Moreton Bay
Sunshine Coast
Gold coast
Rocky Valley
Scenic rim
Not all restrictions have been lifted. Masks should always be worn unless you are alone or going for a walk with your family. You need to wear a mask when you go to work, cafe or restaurant, or when you sit down.

Look back at our blog and take a look at the August 8 Headline Kovid-1 News.
Next 2 weeks:
Up to 10 people, including those who live
Public places such as parks and beaches can accommodate up to 10 people
Companies such as hospitality, gyms and beauty salons now have access to 1% or 50% of tickets and seats per 4 square meters.
Small spaces of less than 200 square meters should be limited to 1 person per 2 square meters of guests, up to 50 people.
Marriage is limited to 20 people, including employees. Dance is allowed
Up to 20 people can participate in the funeral
Community sports are not allowed.
Chief Health Officer Janet Young said he was happy to continue playing sports at school, but didn’t want a community sports team to come together for the next two weeks.

“I don’t want to advance community sports that bring different people from different parts of Brisbane,” he said.

Anyway, he explained that the sport was different at school because the kids involved were spending time together in class.

Govt to end lockdown curb on Aug 11

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