Grimes says she finds gaming community a lot less toxic than the indie music stan community


Grimes says she finds gaming community  Experimental pop artist Grimes has revealed in his new album, TV show, and new interview about how gaming culture is “less toxic” than stan culture.

After posting a promotional video for the community messaging platform, the artist sat down with Billboard to discuss his recently launched Discord server, Grimes Metavers Super Beta – with Danny Divito, Aukwafina and Jay Balvin. See below.

Grimes says she finds gaming community  Speaking about his relationship with Discord and the gaming community that often uses the platform, Grimes said, “The more I play in the community, the less toxic it is to the independent music community.”

“Everyone laughs and tells me that video game culture is less toxic than indie stan culture, but it’s true, really, it’s been through a lot of both ways.”

Grimes then revealed details of her upcoming record, saying “it’s totally different” from 2020’s “Miss Anthropsin”.

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“It’s kind of an idea album, so it has a description,” he said of LPK, which he previously described as a lesbian AI-centric “space opera”.

“I had a lot of big ideas on my last album, but I could be more sensitive to it. I think I have a lot more to say with this album. I am very attached to the material.


“I think we’re going to start a drop single this summer, then drop the single and then put the album into four, five, six singles or whatever. I’m a big album guy, but I also like releasing music, ”he added.

He’s already a little bored with this new music and will preview more new cuts tomorrow (July 25) when he hosts a party for Australia’s Splendor Festival of Splendor XR, a virtual rehearsal of Grass tomorrow (July 25). ).

The singer also opened up about the Fox reality show Alter Ego that she hosts alongside Alanis Morrison, Will.I.M., Nick Lache and Roxy Diaz. It follows a similar achievement from The Masked Singer, where the actors are masked, but create avatars with CGI.

“I really like it, because we’ve been living for so long in a society where this shell sticks to your skin and you just have to face it,” he said. “We are about to enter a new reality where we can all live with the potential of our brains.”

“As a woman in the industry, I don’t make any choice about my appearance. I hate to think about it. I literally don’t care, and it takes a long time, and it’s expensive. You can really democratize it. All of this gives me a lot of optimism for the future.

Grimes says she finds gaming community

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