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MyKayla Skinner In An Event She Didn’t Expect To Compete In as a Gymnast

TOKYO – American gymnast MyKayla Skinner won a silver medal in the individual gymnastics final for the Vault, a competition she did not expect to play at the Tokyo Olympics. The 24-year-old skinner was chosen to compete in vaulting after the world’s best gymnast Simon Byles withdrew from the competition to focus on his mental health.


She said, “I dedicated this medal to Simon. If I weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here today.” “I told him I’d do it for him. He said, ‘Don’t do it for me, do it for you, so technically it’s for all of us.”Brazilian Rebecca Andred won the gold medal and South Korean Yeo Sewing won bronze.

MyKayla Skinner


MyKayla Skinner “I feel very unprepared to finish in the vault final because I didn’t think it was going to happen. I worked very hard, took some time out of college and was an alternative in 2016,” added Skinner.

He has already given an interview about hanging his leopard for the last time. He is moving to Utah and pursuing a journalism degree with the goal of becoming a sports reporter. “As for me, I’m really excited to have a life and then maybe start a family,” she told People. “We’ll see where life takes me.”

But not before two more times.

Both are clearly executed. The first, with a very high degree, is known as cheng. The score in that vault was a little higher than his second. He eventually landed with a total score of 14,916.

His teammate Jade Carey, 21, shook her head after a rocky first vault. She came out of the hardest move when she exited the steps to enter and finished with a first vault score of 11,933. In his second vault, he was hit with a two-point penalty and finished with a combined score of 12,416.

He was probably underwhelmed after qualifying for the event with a score of 15,166. Later, he appeared emotional and hugged Skinner.

MyKayla Skinner Towards the end of the day, US gymnast Sunisa Lee, the all-around individual champion, won bronze in the Assam Bar individual final.

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