Haitian President Jovenal Mous was assassinated at his home

 Haitian President Jovenal Mous
Haitian President Jovenal Mous

Haitian President Jovenal Mous PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Gunmen killed Haitian President Jovenal Mouss and injured his wife early Wednesday, fueling anti-government protests and violence in the unstable Caribbean country that has already committed mass rapes. Recent outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

Haitian President Jovenal Mous Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph confirmed the killing and said the police and military were under security control in Haiti, where a history of dictatorship and political unrest had long hindered the integration of the democratic government.

 Haitian President Jovenal Mous While the streets of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince were quiet on Wednesday morning, some people looted businesses in one area. The country looks set to face new uncertainties ahead of the general election scheduled for later this year. Mous, 53, has been in power for more than a year after the country’s failed elections and opposition groups demanded his resignation in recent months.

Former President Michelle Martelli, who succeeded Moss, said she prayed for Martin Moose, the first lady, calling the assassination “a severe blow to our country and to Haitian democracy, which is struggling to find its way”.

Joseph said Martin Moyes, 44, had been hospitalized with gunshot wounds. He condemned the president’s assassination as “disgusting, inhumane and degrading.”

“The security situation in the country is under the control of the Haitian National Police and the Haitian Armed Forces,” Joseph said in a statement from his office. “Democracy and the Republic will prevail.”

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In a statement, Joseph said some of the attackers spoke Spanish but offered no further explanation. He later said in a radio speech that they speak Spanish or English.

A resident near the president’s home said he heard about the attack.

“I thought there was an earthquake, so many shots were fired,” the woman said on condition of anonymity. “The president had problems with a lot of people, but we didn’t want him to die. It’s something I wouldn’t want for any Haitian. ”

 Haitian President Jovenal Mous The US embassy in Haiti said it would restrict US personnel to its grounds and that the embassy would be closed on Wednesday “due to ongoing security concerns”. “

The White House described the attack as “terrible” and “pathetic” and said it was still gathering information about what had happened. His national security team will report to US President Joe Biden later Wednesday, spokeswoman Jane Sosaki said in an interview with MSNBC.

In a prearranged interview with CNN, he said that “this message to the people of Haiti is a tragic tragedy.” “And we support and support them to provide the help they need.”

 Haitian President Jovenal Mous Haiti’s economic, political and social problems have recently been fueled by mass violence in Port-au-Prince, rising inflation and food and fuel shortages in a country where 60% of the population earns less than $2 a day. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew is trying to recover.

Opposition leaders called for the accused prime minister’s resignation, but said maintaining some independence was not the answer.

In recent months, opposition leaders have demanded his resignation, arguing that his term in office legally ended in February 2021. Moss and his supporters claimed his post began when he took office in early 2017 after a tumultuous election. Serve at yearly intervals.


This story has been updated to correct the fact that Moses reigned by decree for more than a year, not more than two years.


Koto reports from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Haitian President Jovenal Mous

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