HC raps officials over indo Bangla antibiotics

HC raps officials over indo Bangla antibiotics Bangladesh’s High Health and Consumer Rights Authority must explain that it did not act against Indian Bangla medicines, which continue to manufacture and distribute antibiotics in violation of high court orders.

HC raps officials over indo Bangla antibiotics The court on Wednesday asked five people, including the Minister of Health, why they would not face contempt of court. They were given 4 weeks to respond.

Other respondents to this rule are the Director or DG of the Administration, the Director of the Health Services Department, the DG of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department, and the Managing Director of Indore AFM Anwarul Haque. -Bangla Pharmaceutical.

Following a petition filed by Bangladesh or HRPB Human Rights and Peace, in 2017 the High Court ruled on the activities of 20 pharmaceutical companies and the manufacture and distribution of antibiotics by 14 other companies that violate the World Health Organization. Ordered a complete ban on. Guidelines.

Barishal-based company Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals was one of 14 companies banned from producing antibiotics. HRPB has again appealed to the court following recent reports that the company is secretly continuing production and distribution.

The petitioner’s lawyer, Manzil Mercid, said the DGDA and others took no action despite continuing production in Bangla, India, in violation of a High Court order.

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