Heavy rain forces evacuation of 80000 in China

Heavy rain forces evacuation of 80000 in ChinaShanghai: Heavy rains and floods in Sichuan, southwestern China, have displaced more than 20,000 people, state media reported Monday.

Water levels on the state’s major rivers were above alert levels after heavy rains from Friday to Sunday. According to China’s state news agency, the reservoir in Daju has exceeded the flood limit by 2.2 meters.
Currently, more than 440,000 people are affected by the floods in six cities in the state.

CCTV, a state-run broadcaster, said on Saturday that heavy rains had already caused economic damage of 250 million yuan (38 38.57 million) in Sichuan, destroying 45 homes and seriously damaging 118 homes. I reported.
China is hit by heavy rains on a regular basis in the summer, but experts warn that extreme weather limits now need to improve the resilience of cities.

Heavy rain forces evacuation of 80000 in China China’s weather officials told reporters last week that rising temperatures are likely to cause heavy rains around the world, and China’s influence could diminish in the coming years.

“Extreme events such as high temperatures and heavy rains are increasing, raising the level of climate risk in China,” said Chao Ching Cheng, deputy director of the National Climate Center at the national think tank.
He said high temperatures and rainfall put China’s water resources at greater risk and warned that extreme weather events also pose a major threat to economic development.

Last month, Henan Province in central China experienced the worst rainfall in recorded history, with meteorological stations in 19 states recording the highest daily rainfall ever.
According to the China Meteorological Administration, the floods killed more than 30,000 people, most of them in Zhengzhou, the capital of the state, and it rained for nearly a year in just one day. ($ 1 = 6.4825 yuan)

Heavy rain forces evacuation of 80000 in China

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