Hifazat chief Junaid Babunagari dies

Hifazat chief Junaid Babunagari dies Babungari was found to have been taken from Hatazari Madrasa to the CSCR hospital in Chittagong this morning after getting sick last night. Junaid Babungari, director of Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Uloom Muinul Islam Madrasa in Hathazari, the heart of Hefazat-e-Islam, was about 70 years old. He suffered from a variety of physical complications, including heart disease.

Hifazat chief Junaid Babunagari dies Protests broke out in March over India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. At that time, at least 16 people were killed in the collision.

Investigators said Hefazat chiefs Mamunul Haque and Babungari were behind the violence. Babungari has also been accused of supporting and assisting terrorism and being involved in the death of the late Ahmad Shafi, the former head of custody. It’s safe to say that Junaid Babungari became Hifazat’s Amir in 2020. Previously, he was the secretary general of this organization. Besides, he was the Education Director of Moinul Islam Hathazari Madrasa in Chittagong.

During the celebration of Bangladesh’s Independence Golden Jubilee on March 26, leaders and activists of this extremist organization were numbered in various parts of the country, including Dhaka, Chittagong, Brahmanbaria and Narayanganj around the visit. You may be said to have been violent for days. Of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Babungari was also accused in several cases. Junaid Babungari was also charged in a proceeding filed by his brother-in-law alleging that Ahmed Shafi’s death was not “normal.”

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